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Friday, November 5, 2010

birthday recap

This is my Icebat cake. He's my favorite little dude. I have a thing for bats.. I'm kinda weird like that :). So last night was fun.. very relaxing which I think I needed. I think I'm coming down with something from all the traveling and lack of sleep. I've had a sore throat since I left Florida and have been chugging Airborne like mad ever since. I firmly believe in that stuff too. I think it's what kept me alive long enough to get through finals when I had an abundance of sleepless nights. After getting strep throat May of my freshman year I started trying to take care of myself as best as I could when I knew those sleepless times would be coming up.

And that was my tangent on Airborne. Anyway, last night Charlie(aforementioned boyfriend) came over and we had dinner with my family, ate my Icebat cake, and I got some amazingly thoughtful gifts. I thought I'd share some with you because they're pretty fun..

The first dress and the owl apron (seen better as a little "prop" in yesterdays crepe photos) are from Charlie. I think it's pretty awesome when your boyfriend can pick out clothes you actually love. Not many dudes can do that. The sweater, scarf, shirtdress, and gray bag are from my parents. The Little Black Dress Lolita glass is from my brother for my little collection I have been accumulating. It came with two bottles of liquor. He's only 18 so I'm thinking he had a little help on this one ;). The black Coach bag is from Charlie's parents. I was definitely not expecting that. Amazing.

Overall it was a great birthday. I'm really glad to be collecting clothes that I would wear everyday but are also work friendly. (Don't worry, I'd wear some sort of pants with the shirtdress ;). ) I tried the whole stiff button down shirt and stiff skirt business attire when I had my internship and it just wasn't me. I felt so crunchy and uncomfortable all the time. So now I'm trying to collect pieces that are nice, but still me.

Hopefully I'll be celebrating with friends this weekend if I don't get any sicker. So cheers with a glass of Airborne and everybody have a great weekend!

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