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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

brass flowers

Once upon a time, these little brass flowers were part of a chandelier. I don't really know where it originally resided, I just know it was in my grandparents' house somewhere before it came here. I don't ever remember seeing it hanging in their house though.

I think it belonged to one of their parents and then it might have ended up in storage. This would explain why it had a lot of water damage and was therefore rendered useless. I saw my dad taking it apart one day, figuring there was a lot of brass on there that he could sell as scrap metal and at least make some change off of it.

I saw these little flowers sitting there and asked about them. He said I could take them if I could do something with them because he'd rather they actually get used than just be melted down somewhere. So I gathered up my loot and put them in my room until I could think of something to do with them. The other day I saw this on Anthro's site..

I think I finally know what to do with these! I think I'll make one for myself and if it turns out well, make more and put them up on Etsy if I ever get that shop up and running. Hopefully this will be motivation :). I played around with some beads to see a good size and color for the middle. I also need to figure out what type of chain would look best.

Unlike the Anthro one though, I think I would only put one on instead of three. They're all the same size and have a bit of weight to them since they are solid brass so I'd rather keep it simple.

I wonder if other people would be as interested in a necklace made from a vintage chandelier as I am..


Whenever I do get the shop up and running I will surely post a link.


  1. LOVE THIS! I'm a sucker for Anthropologie, chandeliers, anything vintage AND knockoffs, so I'm in my own little happy world right now.

  2. I totally know what you mean.. Glad you like it!


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