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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the fest part deux

So I kind of failed at the whole picture taking thing. I brought my camera everywhere with me but after a few pictures and two videos my battery died. This wouldn't have been a problem had I packed the right charger. When I went to grab it I realized something wasn't quite right. It was the charger for my DS. Oops. I also don't have those whole five pictures I took of one band because I don't have my camera on me at the moment but I'll probably put them up later this week.

Anywho, the band I did get pictures of was Larry and His Flask. They were the opening band after registration and played poolside at the Holiday Inn. I hadn't heard of them until then but they were amazing. If you can somehow picture a bluegrass-folky-punk band, that's them. I've never seen such a variety of instruments. There was a guitar, drums, a banjo, a mandolin, an upright bass, and then two of them would switch to horns. So good. I got their 7 inch to add to my sloooowly growing vinyl collection.

We also managed to find out about one of the secret shows that was behind an empty warehouse. Apparently these secret shows happen each night but you have to somehow be in the know. We got a tip from a guy we were talking to in a German bar which is officially my favorite place in Gainesville. It's called Stubbies and Steins and was a nice place to rest between shows and get some good German food and a beer that was not a PBR. They had a huge selection too. So after the tip and hunting down a bit more info we managed to get to this warehouse for a 2am show. We left after Paint It Black and I am very glad because the cops came and broke it up shortly after. Not that anyone got in trouble, but it would have been hell competing with that whole mob scene for a cab.

Overall it was a great weekend with great music but it was sooo tiring. My legs were killing me after all the standing and I was just generally beat. It was fun but I'm glad to be back, even though the temperature was a shock. It was sunny and warm the whole weekend in Florida and by the time we got off the plane in Philadelphia I had two sweaters on. I'm glad though because I love fall for all that it is, cold and everything. Now it's my birthday week so there should be some fun stuff coming up! So that's my recap for the past five days. Now I have lots of stuff to catch up on!

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