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Friday, November 26, 2010

turkey day

I woke up yesterday to an unexpected surprise. It was snowing! We didn't have much of a white Thanksgiving or anything because it started raining soon after. But it was nice to see the snow and all the little frozen drops of water on the tree outside of my window when I first woke up.

Today I write to you from the warmth of my living room, dressed in flannel and leggings, and sipping hazelnut coffee. You won't find me out shopping today, no sir. I do not have the patience or aggressiveness to shop on such a day as Black Friday. It doesn't take much for a crowd to annoy me, be it by walking ridiculously slow or by having no self awareness and blocking everything. Most of the time, (not all of the time) I am too worried about being a jerk to react to obnoxious people so I just silently rage inside my own body. And that's just not a fun time for me so I avoid these situations at all costs. So here I sit happily, shopping from my computer, not wanting to punch anyone :).

The night before Thanksgiving, Charlie and I cut out dozens and dozens of cookies, baked them, and decorated. I had this whole grand plan of making up my own icing and doing that fancy border and flood thing that all the kids are doing these days but once I looked at all of the cookies all over my kitchen and dining room tables I almost fell on the floor. It suddenly hit me that I was exhausted from being up since 5am and baking pretty much all day. I made a beeline for the kitchen cabinet with the ready-made icing in it that we used for gingerbread cookies before, and grabbed two tubes.

I'll try the homemade icing for Christmas cookies. My mom and I will be marathon baking within the next few weeks so I'll probably have more patience when things are stretched over time and not all in one day. It's one of those crafty things I want to master that I have yet to try.

Charlie opted for an icing/sprinkles combo because he liked to make cookies that looked like pop-tarts.

I think they turned out pretty good for having tube icing and zero fine motor skills left in my body ;).

To illustrate my sad, sad state, here I am clutching an armful of tupperware, staring down at all the lids and canisters that just toppled out of the cabinet behind me.

Shortly after, we were watching The Santa Clause with a rum and coke and all was right with the world.

The next morning I woke up, decided I was Superwoman and started whipping cream by hand.

About 10 hours later (or so it felt) I found myself longingly staring at the mixer a few feet away. The only reason I didn't start with it in the first place is because it's not used often so it's sort of barricaded behind other kitchen things. I immediately dropped the whisk and pulled the thing out. Cream, sugar, and vanilla in and within a few minutes, I had whipped cream.

I may have whipped it a little stiff because I was paranoid about it being too soft and melting on the way to my aunt's house but it tasted great so I was satisfied.

Everything ended up being a hit. There were only two pieces of the pie left (one of which my brother ate as soon as we got home) and a lot of the cookies were snatched up and taken home. I'm really glad I tried these recipes. There will definitely be a repeat of the pie for Christmas.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and had lots of good food with friends and family! Have a great weekend! Now it's time for Christmas decorations..

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