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Friday, December 10, 2010

doe eyed

I've had a linoleum block sitting in my room for the past three years and haven't done a thing with it. Charlie had it leftover from a class and didn't it want so I took it! I was sure I'd find some amazing project for it. Three years later I decided to just cut a chunk off and start a small project.

This is just a little thing I thought of for cards/gift cards, hell even a cd would fit in here. I was thinking about my wrapping inspiration and tried to think of something quick I could make with what I had.

I started by making these simple origami envelopes from this tutorial using old paper grocery bags.

And after a bit of folding you have this!

I then measured the little diamond on the front and cut out the same size piece of linoleum. I drew a picture of a little doe eyed deer, thinking I was actually going to carve out all the finite details on its face. One cut up finger and stiff neck later I decided I was happy with the silhouette :).

I actually had a lot of fun doing this, despite the fact that I couldn't keep my finger out of the way. I'm looking forward to trying this again.

When I was done carving, I got out my trusty brayer and some red printing ink.

This round showed me parts of the stamp I needed to carve down a bit so that they wouldn't print. I also have to get my inking skills back up to par. It's so hard being away from all the facilities at school that make these things so much easier. The printmaking floor was always my favorite. I loved the smell of the ink and how there were drying racks just full of projects. Any supply you could ever need was available and there were giant presses everywhere. It's really hard to make an adequate home printing area when you're tight on space.

So when you're done dreaming of a proper printing shop, press the linoleum stamp on your paper and use something like a spoon to press the paper down and rub it across the surface to make sure you include all of the details.

I then wrapped all the envelopes in twine for a little extra security and cuteness. ;)

Beats the poo out of your traditional white envelopes!

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Now I have to get ready for an ironic Christmas sweater party. How do you ask your mom to borrow a Christmas sweater that you need to wear as a joke without being insulting? :D


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