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Monday, January 17, 2011

a book a month

I'm taking on another thing from my list of 101 things. And just in time too! It's the middle of January and I haven't started my "book a month" project yet. This will be book 1 of 33. That's how many months are in 1001 days if I did my math correctly. This is a special book though, as it comes with a little shameless family promotion ;).

This book was written by my grandmom's brother, or my great-uncle, Bill Richardson. It is a memoir of his time as a POW in the Korean War. My grandmom, being as proud as she is, bought nearly everyone in the family a copy for Christmas. On Christmas day I couldn't help but take a sneak peak. I picked a random chapter just to read a few words and I couldn't put it down. It's so interesting and even more so because someone I know went through this. It's an amazing way to be able to learn about your family history. I can't wait to really get into it!

There are some family photos included in the book too. This is a clipping from a newspaper that featured a photo of my uncle's family when they found out he was being released. My grandfather is the first on the left. My grandmom is right next to him and her mother is next to her. As my grandmom says, her mom was quite ahead of her times. Note the strapless top!

This is another newspaper clipping of a photo of him being welcomed back home. Overall he was in the POW camp for just under three years and despite all of that he did two tours in Vietnam! I can't imagine being brave enough to go back into that situation.

So that is a little piece of my family history I thought I'd share with you. If you are interested in this sort of thing or have a family member who's a history buff and might like this, you can buy it here.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. How neat to have that piece of family history shared in so much detail. It sounds like a fascinating book.

  2. I feel very fortunate to have a piece of family history available like this. A lot of people aren't comfortable with reliving these kinds of stories so I'm glad my uncle was able share :)


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