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Thursday, January 6, 2011

cozy winter things

Without a doubt my winter uniform this year has been leggings and either a plaid flannel shirt or a dress with a long warm cardigan. This is typically accompanied by boots of some sort and leg warmers or over-the-knee socks when appropriate. And I couldn't be happier. I'm infatuated with layers and comfort. That is pretty much the inspiration behind today's post.. a curation of things that warm my soul and make me feel cozy in the dead of winter.

To be at your most comfortable this winter,
think layers, flannel, and boots for ultimate warmth.

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1.. I got a couple new flannel shirts for Christmas and I'm very excited. I can now stop rotating that same ones I've wearing with some new colors! They are so comfortable and warm, even when the sleeves are rolled up. I've had a few people (relatives and such) twice my age telling me they wore exactly this when they were in college. Though all they had then were men's shirts so they weren't nearly as cute. Hooray for fashion coming back around and getting more tailored! ;)

2.. I did exactly this in my apartment in college. I had the cutest faux fireplace with this beautiful tile floor surrounding it. I got three of these candle multi-packs from Ikea. I liked how they were all different levels. It looked really sweet and gave off a surprising amount of heat. If I find a photo of my actual fireplace I'll post it one day.

3.. I saw this from Lune Vintage and am sort of devastated that it's been sold! It's so cute and warm looking. Perfect for walking through the snow while sipping hot chocolate!

4.. I love this headband/ear warmer from Emmadime. My ears are always freezing, especially when I was walking to classes in the city. So my choices were to either have frozen ears or wear a hat and look a mess when I got to class. This is stylish enough to keep on wearing so you can be cute and smart about the weather. :)

5.. I got these slipper boots for Christmas and I love them. I rang in 2011 at a mountain house with a bunch of my friends from high school and college. It was tons of fun and since we stayed in the house most of the time, I wore these all weekend. They are like walking on clouds. My feet were so content. But sadly, due to all the merrymaking and a little thing we like to call "Beer Olympics", they got a little dirty and the fur on the bottom got all matted. In a moment of insanity (or genius?) I reordered them as soon as I got back. Now I have a clean pair for at home and a worn in pair should that sort of weekend repeat itself :). I told you my weakness is boots!

6.. Part of the go-to in my closet this year. I like that they add a little pop when I wear black leggings with knee high black boots. And, of course, they add extra warmth!

7.. Forgive me for the lack of link but this was in my "inspiration" folder and I have no idea where I saw it. If anyone knows, feel free to inform me and I will gladly link to it. Anywho, I really want to make a granny square quilt and this one has such a great color palette. It looks like the perfect thing to bring warmth on a cold and gray day.

Well that's my round up of things that make me happy and warm during the winter months. Bring on the snow east coast! I'd love to hear about everyone else's favorite winter survival gear too. :)


  1. Your layers sound like me...I love the warm and cozy....and of course, gotta have cute boots! Totally going to order myself one of those headbands!

  2. They're cute, aren't they? I think I'm going to order one too instead of just admiring them from afar :)


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