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Monday, January 10, 2011

meat america

Good ol' PA in steak form. I'd eat that. This past friday I met up with Charlie and his coworkers in Northern Liberties and we all traveled over to Bambi Gallery for Dominic Episcopo's show, Meat America. Probably not vegan friendly. There was a great turnout and the photos were amazing. The main wall when you first walk in was a map of the U.S. divided up like cuts of meat.

Down at the bottom was a cut of Louisiana, surrounded by oil X). Some of the meat was cut into portraits of famous people such as Alfred Hitchcock and Michael Jackson. Pretty impressive.

There's the man of the hour in the bottom left corner (above).

This is a chandelier in the gallery that I thought was awesome so I took a picture. Upon further inspection it could do without the questionable light sticking out of it but other than that it's pretty cool.

I heard that these photos are going to be used for other things too, such as a book. There is also a possibility that Urban Outfitters will be selling prints of them. I think that's pretty exciting and I'll definitely be looking out for that. How cool would these look in a kitchen?

I met a lot of really nice people and definitely left the gallery hungry. We went to Dos Segundos afterward and I got steak tacos :). Those were seriously the first tacos I've ever enjoyed. I don't generally care for Mexican food. I can't stand whatever that typical "taco spice" is. These were delicious though.

In other news, I've been working on my new blog design all weekend and it's almost finished. Things are actually working out and I'm stoked about it. I get along with html way better than I get along with Flash so that probably has something to do with it. All I really have left to do is shoot my banner image so I anticipate the new design being up this week, sooner rather than later. I'm excited! Now I'm off to the city to make a stop at Sailor Jerry's because supposedly they are going to stop their clothing line so I want to see if I can score anything on sale.

Happy Monday! Have a good week :)

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