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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a new kind of classroom

I won't lie.. one of my favorite parts about becoming a teacher has always been getting to set up my own classroom. Not the only part obviously, but who wouldn't be excited about getting to customize the place where they spend most of their day? I'm sure people who have their own business could vouch for this.

If I had a bajillion dollars, my little vintage heart would be contented to replace all the desks with these wood and wrought iron beauties from the 1800s. But keeping it a little more realistic, I've been thinking about what I can do to make this space mine. I plan to teach in a public school which makes the whole decorating thing a lot more challenging.

I went to private/catholic schools my whole life so no one took it offensively when Christmas trees and Santa Claus were displayed in every nook and cranny. Since it seems like most seasonal decorating revolves around holidays, I have to get a bit more creative and focus more on seasonal color palettes and changes in nature to perk up the white walls!

All that being said, I've been intensely searching through etsy, looking for the right pieces to complete my ideas for a me kind of classroom. I don't want to lose my style amongst the same multicolored inspirational posters I've seen in every classroom from elementary school through high school. I also don't want to have bare boring walls just because I can't celebrate holidays. I've found some classroom gold so far and I've been collecting images so I can make a few seasonal curations with my finds. You can look for those in the upcoming weeks!

I'm really excited about all the great things I found. Etsy is seriously my new go-to resource for all things awesome. I don't know why I don't think to look there first more often!

Any tips for holiday-free decorating would be greatly appreciated! :)


  1. I love these photos! It's too bad classrooms don't look like this. Maybe kids wouldn't be so inclined to skip class.

  2. Agreed! I'd love to be in a place like this. Oh, my vintage soul. :)


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