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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

new layout

Late post tonight but it's pretty much because of this. My new layout is finally up and ready to go. I'm posting this before I fix all the links so bear with me for like the next half hour or so and hopefully it'll be totally good to go. I also officially became a grad student tonight so that took a little time too! We got out super early because it's snowing like crazy here but I'm glad I at least got my first class over with. It feels real now.

A little insight into my mind about the design.. everything that deals with me is on the left sidebar and the right is devoted to others. Or should I say will be devoted to others. Right now I just have a bunch of placeholder images from past posts but soon I hope for those spaces to hold ads for other blogs and shops I particularly like. Not google ads or anything, strictly things by other bloggers/independent artists that appeal to me and therefore hopefully my readers. I know it's quite here at times but my analytics don't lie, you guys are out there ;). Just don't be too shy to chat it up! I'd love to hear your thoughts. :)

I also broke down some categories on the left on banners i created. They link to related tags but I left the categories feature for a more specific breakdown. I put a shop ad at the bottom too but that doesn't exist yet :/ I just wanted to have a place for it. The link goes to my etsy but as you'll see I have a little "vacation" message up for the time being.

I updated my about section too including a ridiculous picture of me so you can kind of see who I really am (I hope that's good thing). My 101 things has moved down below the shop ad. I'll link to it though as I update the list.

I think that's about it for now. There may be minor changes in the next few days as I see how things work but I'm pretty happy with the facelift. What can I say, I'm a designer.. I get excited about these things :).

Well I hope you like the news digs! Feel free to leave some input below!


  1. I absolutely love the new look! It seems to fit you and your work perfectly!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm really happy with how it turned out. I feel much more at home in this "space".


  3. hi jess! i've just come over from my girl thursday and am loving your blog!!! i didn't see the design/layout before but the one you've created is stellar. i'm all about design goodness and appreciate your eye so much.

    lovin' all your incredible graphics too, that air traffic map is uber cool and fab recipes that get me jazzed for kitchen time asap. happiness to find you! ♥


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