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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sailor loot

I mentioned this two days ago but apparently Sailor Jerry isn't going to be carrying their clothing line anymore. If you don't know the clothes, you may know the rum or the tattoos. They are a Philly based company where Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins' tattoo designs are featured on clothing, drink-ware, and accessories. The tattoos are those iconic ships, pin-up girls, and sparrows you see everywhere.

The other day, Charlie and I ran down to the city real quick to snag some loot that was on sale (and sadly one thing that was not because I can't read price tags properly). I just wanted to share my finds because I love this style. I got this button down that I love that has a ship on the back and a little anchor on the front..

And this hoodie (the not on sale thing that I bought anyway because I love it) that also has a ship on the back and sparrows on the front. It says "good work ain't cheap.. cheap work ain't good". True.

I also got the last deck of cards they had in the store. The designs on the cards are pretty awesome.

If you're into this iconic tattoo style check out the website before all the clothes are gone! Or if you're near Philly you can stop in the store.

I can't believe this week is half over. I have my second class tomorrow! It's weird to be back in school even though it wasn't that long ago..

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