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Thursday, January 27, 2011

vday dessert inspiration

I wouldn't say I'm a big city kind of girl. I more prefer the small town aesthetic and less crowdedness overall. But after living in the city for four years throughout college, there are a few things I got used to and some I really miss. This one came to mind as I was thinking about what dessert I want to make for Valentine's Day. Last VDay in the city, Charlie made an awesome seafood dinner for us and we had wine and one very special dessert from Naked Chocolate.

If you are ever in Philadelphia, seek this place out. Sit down and relax with some drinking chocolate or a divine pastry. This is one place I truly miss. The first time I had a bite from there was in a design class where we had to photograph nine related objects and then create compositions using them. One girl brought in nine.. pastries.. from.. Naked.. Chocolate. And when she was done shooting them she let the class dig in. I died.

If you know me at all, you know my aversion to sweet things. But there was one pastry I could not stop eating. I couldn't even tell you the name of it but it had this whipped cookies and cream sort of icing, cream, something that just made me die. And then I had a huge stomach ache. But I knew that I needed to have this again. So what better time than Valentine's Day? After classes VDay evening, I popped down the street and picked one up. It was literally around the corner from UArts. Charlie and I split it after dinner and it was pure bliss.

Since I'm not in the city anymore and traveling down there for a pastry seems a little excessive, I wanted to try to recreate this on my own. I have no idea if I can even come close but I've been researching cookies and cream fillings and icings and seeing if anything sounds like it may come close. Then I just need a simple chocolate cake base. I also want to include a flaming strawberry as seen on Sprinkle Bakes because I mean, what is cooler than a dessert with a flame?

So if I am successful in this endeavor I will post the recipe and let you know. But nothing will be as good as the original so I highly recommend you visit the cafe on Walnut Street and indulge yourself for just a few minutes. (Sorry.. couldn't find a photo of the actual dessert :( so above is some other things they serve.)

Happy snow day to those is this general area! ;)

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