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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

february ambitions

I have a feeling this will be a good month. I'm really putting it all out there blog and business-wise so I really hope good things come from it!

I set a goal for myself to get my shop open by the end of January but that ended up being a little harder than I thought with starting grad school and losing the beginning of the month to family-related "still technically the holidays" things. But I can do it this month. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. I have a handle on my new school schedule, I've made a detailed list of things I want to make, I've collected supplies, now I just have to make.

To get myself even more motivated, I signed up for Indie Business 3.0.

I'm really excited to get some inspiration and guidance from three ladies who are actually living the indie business life right now.

I am also sponsoring some awesome and talented ladies this month. If you haven't checked out One Pearl Button, My Girl Thursday, or Kyla Roma please do! (Links to the right also.) These are some of the first blogs I started reading and they are truly lovely and inspiring. If you came from one of these blogs, welcome! I'm glad you took the time to stop by. Feel free to have a look around! ;)

Get ready for some giveaways, which will give you a peek at what I'm preparing for my shop, along with some coupon codes.

I told you this is going to get exciting!

Also, something else that is really fun..

{source: mad design}

Caroline over at good times never seem sew good has started a Valentine's Day card exchange! What's more fun than receiving a Valentine from a fellow blogger/reader? Head on over there to find out how to get in on the fun. All you have to do is send her an email to sign up! Let's get as many people in this as we can. :)

One more thing.. I am in desperate need of a book suggestion for February. One of my 101 things is to read a book a month. This was book one. It was amazing and I'm not just being biased :). Anyone who is into history or wars in general would really enjoy this. There's a lot of humor and wit in the writing. It's not just all facts like most books based on history. If anyone has a good second book to recommend, it'd be much appreciated.

I'm so jealous of everyone who got snow these past two days. We got ice and rain here. Booo. Enjoy your snow days! :)


  1. I'm taking the class too! Or, at least, I assume I am. I paid the fee but I haven't received any confirmation yet. Have you? I can't wait! Your blog is so adorable, by the way.

  2. Nice to meet someone else in the class! I just got the info this morning so I'm assuming you probably will too. I'm excited for everything to get started! Thanks for checking out my blog! :)


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