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Saturday, February 26, 2011

february's end

At the beginning of the month I wrote this post. And I think it's safe to say that all that hard work paid off! Yes, my shop is still in the works but Indie Business 3.0 is only few days away so I'm headed in the right direction in that aspect. I've been sketching away to get product ideas out of my head and onto paper. I've been practicing techniques and making prototypes. All in all I'm leaps and bounds ahead of where I was when I wrote my February Ambitions post and I'm satisfied with that. :)

Also I've been making quite a few new bloggy friends! I've been meeting new people from Indie Biz everyday and I can't wait to have more conversations with you guys. I've also gained a nice group of friends on this here blog! As I type this I have 47 GFC friends and 13 people reading on Bloglovin. Which also lead me to this lovely surprise today..

Tenpenny Splendid was listed as an up and coming craft blog on bloglovin. :)

I've been working really hard to find my niche here in blogland and I think I'm finally finding my way thanks to a lot of feedback from new friends. You have all been so nice and supportive, I think this is a call for a giveaway to show my appreciation. :) When I figure out what it's going to be I'll let you all know.

Until then, have a great weekend! There's still time to sign up for Indie Biz if you're interested, just click the link above.

I hope this month treated you well, and here's to making next month even better!


  1. Hey darling! So happy to hear that things are picking up for you :) It's been such a pleasure following your blog and looking forward to seeing what kinda of pretties you have in store for us, in your Etsy shop :)

    xxx mervi

    Ps. Will be dropping you an email later! Excited about the Pay it Forward project :) Oh, and so happy to see our button in your sidebar. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside :) Hih!

  2. Oh hurrah! It's always wonderful to hear that things are moving forward in the directions they are meant to be :)

  3. I'll see you in Indie Biz 3 .... also, I love your blog header image :)

  4. Mervi.. Thanks lady! Always glad to feature an awesome blog on the sidebar! :)

    Elly.. Exactly! Life doesn't always move in the directions we want so it's good to celebrate when it does. :)

    Amy.. Thanks! Nice to meet another Indie Biz classmate!!

  5. I'm taking Indie Biz, too, but I found your blog through another avenue so it's funny to randomly find another Indie Biz student. Congrats on the momentum!


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