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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

seeing red

Today's Valentine post is brought to you by the color red. :)

Red is fairly popular this time of year, along with it's cousin pink. I thought I'd show you how I go about sporting some red. I don't have much red in the clothing area and I don't exactly know why. I love the color but I guess it appeals to me in smaller bursts rather than in an entire piece that covers half of your body. So this is how I bring the boldness in small bits!

1. Vintage watch from my grandmom. It doesn't work but I always use my phone as a clock so I pretty much just wear this as an accessory.

2. Bandanna! Add a little Rosie the Riveter to any outfit. Also good for hiding a bad hair day. :)

3. Anchor necklace from Forever 21 circa 2007ish. This is especially fun for the summer. Add a little sailor to a summer dress or tunic.

4. Heart necklace also from Forever 21, probably the same shopping trip. Double whammy here, being color and shape appropriate for Valentine's Day! Can you tell I love chunky, slightly tacky necklaces? ;)

5. Red heels that I bought for my Snowball dance in 2006 to go with my black dress. I felt pretty awesome in these kicks. This is also where I met my current boyfriend. These shoes have super powers. ;) Oh and I also love how they have a little vintage feel to them.

6. Maryjanes that I bought about a year ago. I love wearing these with cuffed black skinny jeans.

The bird necklace stand is from Urban and I love it. Most of my necklaces are super long so this is the perfect size for them.

Anywho, this is how I sport my red. Short but sweet pops of color. It can really spice up a dark colored or neutral outfit. So add a little red and let your wild side peek through! ;)


  1. Love these!

    Especially the anchor. :]

  2. How pretty! I love your vintage watch. I wear one of my grandma's (non-working) watches as an accessory; they look so pretty.


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