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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a very valentine playlist

Today was crazy busy. My goal eventually became to get a post up before midnight and I just made it! So here is my playlist for your Valentine's evening. It's pretty mellow for the most part but still upbeat.

So I covered some new favorites of mine along with some oldies. I fell in love with that Taking Back Sunday song in senior year of high school and it's still a guilty pleasure. I also wanted to have at least one classic song and My Monday Date by Louis Armstrong couldn't have been more appropriate with Valentine's day falling on a Monday this year. I also struggled with which version of Such Great Heights to put on here. I love the original version but Iron and Wine did such a good cover. It's a little more chill than The Postal Service but ultimately I decided to go with the original.

Give it a listen and enjoy! Let me know if there are any songs you'd insist on adding to this list. I'm curious to know! :)


  1. Wow, you just teached me that the Iron and Wine version is NOT the original... I'm shocked, and quite a bit pleased! Thanks!!

  2. Haha my boyfriend and I actually had a debate about that while I was making this so I looked it up just to make sure I wasn't steering anyone wrong! :)


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