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Monday, February 21, 2011

where he works

Sometimes when I have nothing going on or when Charlie needs a hand in the studio, I tag along to work with him. Usually I go when he has to do an extra shoot on a Saturday but I went today just for poops and giggles. I don't think I've really gone into what he does, but he is an assistant to Trevor Dixon. Trevor's a pretty awesome Philly photographer who shoots for things like Anthropologie, Philadelphia Magazine, and Lilly Pulitzer to name a few. Check out his site and blog to see his work! Before we left today I took some photos around the studio because it's a really awesome old building. It used to be an elevator factory back in the days. It's just a really cool place in general. (image heavy)

So that's some studio eye candy for ya there. Now I'm gonna go wear my pjs inside out because if it's going to snow tonight, it might as well be a snowday tomorrow. :)


  1. what a great place to explore! i'm a little jealous :)
    i love your photos!

  2. What an amazing studio! So full of inspiration! I'd LOVE to work in a place like that! Thanks for sharing a little sneak peek :)
    xxx mervi

  3. i love image heavy posts and i must say that all of these shots are absolutely lovely! i wish i could explore inside that fabulous! thank you for sharing miss! xoxo

  4. I'm jealous that I don't work there everyday! It's a lovely place to explore though. I'll keep you guys posted on exciting changes. :)

  5. hey jess,

    i'd say that is like my dream kinda tag along day! i love going to friends studios: art or's a whole notha realm of energy.

    so cool he's got such a stellar gig, i can't imagine all the great tips and tricks you pick up along the way. too good!!! lovin' the dress forms, drums and coca-cola machine...retro radness. three cheers to inside out pj's! way to go girl. ♥


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