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Friday, February 11, 2011

you're the..

I've always wanted to try making resin covered pendants. After being inspired by a certain special Valentine card, I figured now was better than never.

This was definitely trial and error with quite a few obvious errors.

I went to bed shortly after pouring the resin and didn't catch these pesky little bubbles that crept up in the night. I did a good job of blowing the original ones away but then these guys came out of nowhere.

I also didn't do a killer job at sealing the image so all that darkness around the edges is where the resin snuck under the image. Yes, resin is a sneaky little beast.

As always though, I'm glad for the experience. I have a ton of resin left and now I'm armed with a little more know-how. I foresee pretty pendants in the future. :) Just another thing to add to the shop!

This was sort of made with the thought in mind of it being given to that special someone that you think is the bee's knees! (Yes, I forgot the apostrophe on the pendant too!) Or by all means, keep it for yourself if you think you're the bee's knees!


  1. This is pretty! I've always wondered how these were made. I love how you can customize them for someone special!

  2. My daughter just said to me, "Hey we can make one of those but let's use a REAL bee!"

  3. Haha, I like it! Even with the bubbles, it's a very interesting piece. I hope the next piece goes better!

  4. ally.. Thanks! That's probably the best thing about these.. you can seriously make whatever comes to mind!

    lynnie.. Your daughter is awesome haha. That would be a pretty hardcore necklace!

    m.m.e.. Thank you! Hopefully next time I can watch it better and keep those bubbles down. :)

  5. I just found your blog! What a great find :) This little experiment of yours is fantastic - and great that you're sharing the little errors too, for the rest of us to learn. I think I'll need to try this one day :)

    xxx mervi

    Ps. Happy valentines day! I'll definitely pop over for a visit again!


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