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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

class curation pt 2

Here's the spring installment of my class curations I'm doing. Here is part 1. It also gives a little background to the project. I'm feeling especially inspired now that I'm observing some classes. It's crazy how when you're a student in elementary school, the day seems to drag on and on. But when I observed today, as a 23 year old who wasn't new to 4th grade concepts, time absolutely blew by! I was actually shocked by how fast it went! It seemed like the kids no sooner started a lesson and then they were going to specials or starting a new subject or switching classes. I think I'm going to like the fast paced-ness of it because I probably have the attention span of a 10 year old. I get more and more happy about my decision every day. :)

So here is how I would decorate my elementary school classroom for spring, with hand selected items from Etsy.

1 2 3 4 5

I love the idea of having pompom flowers and butterflies hanging from the ceiling, bunting swinging from one wall to another, and the prettiest raindrops dangling in front of a blank wall. The pinwheels would catch a nice spring breeze as they sat in mason jars by open windows.


I think I'll do an outfit post soon now that I'm getting to break in my "work clothes". I've been collecting skirts and blouses that are long enough to be appropriate in school but still stylish. And not crunchy. When I had my design internship, I had no "work clothes" so I went out and bought a bunch of business woman attire and I always felt crunchy. Everything was just so stiff and, well.. crunchy! Does anybody know what I'm talking about or am I speaking crazy now?? :)

Anywho, bedtime. I'm observing again tomorrow so it'll be another early one. Goodnight!

p.s. the lovely gingham tape strips are courtesy of pugly pixel.


  1. Oh! That's so cute, lady. I especially like the paper butterflies - so pretty!


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