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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

good day for a walk

Charlie had off from work today so we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and do our favorite thing; take a walk through Newtown. Newtown, PA is where Charlie grew up. We love it because it's an area that's not too far from the city but it has that super small town feel that I love. It's a historic town with all types of old colonial houses painted in their original crazy color schemes. I thought this would be a good opportunity to take some photos on our walk since Charlie is lending my one of the DSLR's from his collection of cameras. He taught me how to use the camera and I got some sweet shots of our favorite place. :)

Here's some of the pretty colored houses I was talking about..

I call this house below the Tenpenny House because it's got my colors, black, white, and that dusty aqua. :)

I affectionately call this house below the Mac N' Cheese House.

We basically watched this house being built from the ground up. It's one of the newer ones that was designed to look like the historic ones. Every time we came here to walk around during the past three or four years it was in a different stage of development. I'm determined to live in it one day because it's so awesome. I guess it's sort of my dream house right now :). It also has this huge 4 car garage in the back that's sided with the same mac n' cheese. The first thing I'd do if I moved there would be to turn it into a printmaking studio. I'd die. It's more and more my dream house with each thought. *sigh* One day.. :)

We kept walking to a few streets we've never ventured down before and came across some old train tracks and a pretty little patch of lavender wildflowers.

A clock shop on the main street..

And of course, Newtown Book and Record Exchange. If you've seen the movie Signs, you've seen the inside of this shop. I tried to find a youtube clip of the bookstore scene but no luck. If you know what I'm talking about though let me just say this.. no one anywhere near Newtown or Bucks County has an accent like they're from the deep south and says things like "city folk". After all, it's maybe 45 minutes away from Philadelphia. M. Night used a little poetic license there apparently. ;) Just some trivia for you!

I love the bright red shutters peaking out of the corner in the next photo. And the brick paths that make up the sidewalks here.

Perfect day for a walk. :)
Anyone else favor that small town feel or are you all about city living? I've done both and I have to say small town is perfect for me.

Hope your week is going well!


  1. Wow! This looks like an adorable town! I can sense the Pennsylvania feel in the picture. *Sigh* I miss living in the keystone state! I can't believe the crocuses are blooming where you're at! The death of winter still hangs heavily over Michigan. Soon though, I believe Spring will come!

  2. Ooooh! I so want to live there! I live in a small town (and love it), but it doesn't look as pretty as that! I like that it is just outside of the big city, too. I have to drive for far too long (with kids in the back seat, no less) to get to a "city"! And great shots, by the way!

  3. theres a house like that by me! growing up we always called it the mustard house!

  4. Soul Anchor.. Crocuses! I wasn't sure what they were. Good to know! I was surprised to see them myself. It wasn't too long ago that everything was covered in a foot of snow!

    LimpyJo.. Yea it's really nice having the city close enough for convenience, but far enough away that you're not surrounded by the noise and crowds. After four years of being in Center City I'm craving some small town living!

    Maria.. I love that color! When I saw it on a house I was like, I must live there one day! :)


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