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Friday, March 11, 2011

mustard flats

So I've been wanting to make crocheted boots for a while but never got around to it this winter. I figured I'd change my plans to suit the weather and try to crochet some flats. This is my first attempt..

This is what I like to call the slipper phase. I want to eventually line the inside with fabric to make it sturdier and then give it a suede sole. It wouldn't be for hiking through crazy terrain or anything, but I thought it would be comfy to wear around the house and then maybe take a trip out to a store or something. I'm thinking if it can work for moccasins, it could work for these. Now I have Minnatonka which have that wonderful rubber bottom that lasts a lot longer, but I've seen many people wearing soft-soled moccasins around town.

I think this was a pretty successful practice one. I'm pleased! I just need to whip up a second one now. I have some nice vintage fabric that's sort of like a burnt sienna with white flowers on it that I want to use for the inside lining. Oh and that little gray thing on there is supposed to be a feather. Not sure you can tell. I'm gonna work on that. :)

As for my beaded craft, that's going to have to wait until Monday because I realized after much frustration that I was going about it the wrong way and need to pick something up from the craft store in order to finish it. Hopefully I can get there this weekend and get all the stuff I need in.

Well, have a great weekend everyone, and stay crafty. ;)


  1. I recently found your blog via another, and it is absolutely lovely. I love love love the slippers. In the event you ever decide you are going to make some for sale, I'm going to be the first on it. Looking forward to reading more of your awesome-ness!

  2. you're so talented! i agree with jennifer, i was hoping to see a link to purchase :)

    i was just talking to someone today about how i wish i knew how to crochet. this is inspiring!

  3. Awesome I'm glad you guys like them! I was actually testing them out to see if they were something I could make a bunch of and sell and now that I know that there's interest I definitely will! Thanks for the feedback! It helps a lot. :)

    p.s. if you want to learn to crochet, get the book The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller. It's how I learned. :)

  4. Good work.

    I could totally tell that it was a feather.

    I love the colors.


  5. These are absolutely adorable and I definitely could tell it's a feather! I can't wait to see the lining, it sounds cute too!


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