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Monday, March 7, 2011

springtime on kingston road

Thank you to everyone who answered my pressing Burt's Bees question on Friday. ;) I just had to know if anyone else had to banish it because of boys. It seems pretty split.. either guys avoid it or they love it. Maybe the guys I know are just sensitive to chapstick. Or ridiculous. Something like that.

But anyway, today is about a dress I can't stop thinking about. I think I first saw it via Twitter link from Anthropologie. The problem is, at the moment I definitely don't have $228 to spend on it. No sir. It really makes me want to learn how to sew dresses for myself. I just love everything about this dress, from the pastel springy colors, to the pleated skirt. I feel like most of my dresses are very fall/winter in their colors and I just want something bright. I don't know if I did this to make myself feel better or to convince myself to find a way to buy it but I decided to make a little outfit mood board for it for fun.

This is how I would wear the Kingston Road dress from Anthropologie. First off, I would pair it with these oxfords from Urban Outfitters that I already own. See? Saving money! ;) For a little more spring, I'd wear this beautiful braided leather hippie tie headband from Be Something New on Etsy. I love the vintage flowers on the end! Since I've been wanting to add some new springtime colors to my nail polish collection, turquoise and caicos from essie would not only be a nice addition, it'd go perfectly with the dress. And finally, every good outfit needs a cute necklace to finish it off, in my opinion. I picked this cute little elephant from modcloth to do the job.

Now that I've tried to talk myself into buying this, I need to go do something else to get my mind off it. I start observing a fourth grade class tomorrow which should be interesting. Maybe I should go plan an outfit for tomorrow that I already own.

What springtime colors and styles are you looking forward to?

Happy Monday everyone! Here's to the start of a good week. :)


  1. First, that dress is really cute! Second, I love this idea....outfit boards! You have great style, so why not make it an every day/week/month thing? Third, in answer to your question: I'm looking forward to wearing sun dresses! I haven't worn dresses in the summer in years (before pregnancies and kids) but I am finally comfortable enough to wear them again this year. I love crisp whites and saturated blues and greens the most....hope that's in this spring!

  2. I'm really looking forward to wearing light and airy skirts. It's so hard for me to wear any skirt here in the Michigan winter -- even with tights, it's just so cold. I'm looking forward to wearing ballet flats and little skirts while sitting in the grass!

  3. Lisa Marie.. Thanks! That's not a bad idea. I had a lot of fun putting it together.. I think I might just take your suggestion! I hear ya with the saturated blues and greens. I'm ready for some color!

    Soul Anchor.. I can't wait to break out the ballet flats either. I've been wearing boots all winter. I love them but I want to shake things up a little! And I'm totally with you about sitting in the grass. That's like all I want to do in the summer. I see a lot of picnics in my future.. :)

  4. that little elephant necklace is so cute!

  5. that is a darling dress and i love those oxfords!

    springtime...looking forward to all the florals and bright colors! im of course looking forward to warmer weather :)

  6. oh my goodness, that elephant necklace is AMAZING! :) i love love love it!

  7. A big thank you for your blog article.


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