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Thursday, March 17, 2011

wax + glass

I have randomly come into a large sum of candle wax and I've been trying to dream up some interesting things to do with it. (Basically, Charlie said, "We have a random box of wax at the studio that's going to get thrown out unless you think you can do something with it." As a known craft supply hoarder and never one to turn down free supplies at that, I said, "Of course I can find something to do with it! Snatch it up!" And it remained on the edge of my hope chest for the past three months.)

{clockwise from top left.. 1 2 3 4 5}

I didn't just want to make regular jar or pillar candles with it so I started looking for inspiration. So far, I'm really into the whole teacup candle look that I've been seeing a lot lately. I also like the one image (top right) where it looks like a whole candle tea set, including a sugar bowl and teapot.

I also thought it could look cool to use either an etching (bottom left) or image transfer (bottom right) technique so that the candle would have an interesting glow when lit. Maybe even a bit personalized depending on the image used!

I think I want to leave the wax its natural white-ish color but I'm debating if I want to make it scented and what the scent(s) should be. I guess there's more research to be done!

Has anyone tried making candles before? If you have any tips/tricks/suggestions I'd be glad to hear them! :)

I can't believe how fast this week has flown by! So once again, happy almost weekend! Oh and happy St. Patrick's Day! I'll be in class tonight so someone have a pint for me. ;)


  1. I agree, candles in teacups are so elegant and gorgeous. I think some scented ones, so long as the scent is light, would be really nice.

  2. Ooo candles in teacups are so adorable!!

  3. I've made teacup candles before! It's quite easy. They also look super neat in really old mason jars.

    One good thing to do is warm the cup in the oven (on VERY low heat so it doesn't crack) before you pour in the wax.

    Make sure you also make some sort of contraption to hold the wick up straight & in place while you wait for it to solidify. popsicle sticks and a clip works well. You can secure the wick to the bottom using wax or glue, I recommend using a bit of glue because the wax will just melt when you add the rest of the hot wax to it. I used a very small amount of glue though, so that way I was able to remove the metal part once I had used the candle to reuse the cup and make another one!

    Good luck & happy crafting :)


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