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Thursday, April 21, 2011

bunny stamp

I decided to take a creative break between papers. There's only so long you can stare at a Word document before going crazy. So I decided to make another stamp! This one is Easter themed. I made my first one back in December for Christmas. I'm starting to get a nice woodland collection here. :) Maybe I'll do an owl for Halloween.

I made big bunny with a little one next to it.

I inked it up to see how it would print..

then cleaned it up a little bit after seeing things that printed that I didn't want to print.

I've got a little more work to do but it's coming along. I don't really hate the lines in the negative space. It kind of gives it that true hand carved feel. I just don't want too many because it's a small piece so I don't want the small image to be overwhelmed. This was a fun distraction though! I'm cooking dinner later which will also be a calming break for me and then it's back to papers.

I kind of forgot what it's like to do finals for normal classes instead of design classes. This time last year I would probably be on my second day without sleep and living in the main studio off of espresso drinks and whatever food was quick and portable. When I remembered to eat, that is. Oh art school, how I sometimes really don't miss you. I do miss your wonderful facilities though.

I can't believe it's Thursday. I didn't even realize I missed two days of posting! Eep! It happens. Hope your week is finishing up well!


  1. Another great DIY project :) This one is so cute - love the little bunny inside the bigger bunny! And I agree, the lines in the negative space gives it more character and more of handmade feel. Just the way I like it :) Have a happy easter darling! :)

    xox mervi

  2. Cute little bunny stamp! Good luck w/ your finals, too. I am hoping to start design classes this fall, so hopefully I'll have "fun" finals there instead of hard ones! ;)

  3. Great one! First time here. Will frequent more.


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