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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter beach day

My family has a tradition of going to the beach for the day on Easter. This started back when I was little and my mom would get me all dressed up in a frilly Easter dress and hat and we would go down the shore to my grandparents' condo. Now just the four of us go for the day and we walk around, stop in the stores that are open, pick up some candy at the Fudge Kitchen, and take a walk on the beach.

In recent years, we have been among the few brave survivors because the weather has been frigid on Easter. We'd be bundled up from head to toe, trying to enjoy it but secretly dying to get back in the car. This year was the total opposite. It was a really late Easter this year and the weather has been amazing lately. It was in the 70's at the beach! Amazing! That also meant a lot more people were there than usual but it was still fun. ;)

First we walked around the shops at Cape May and the headed to Wildwood to walk on the beach and boardwalk. Since all them city folk ;) just want to traipse around the boardwalk, we took to the beach which was pretty much vacated and I snapped some photos. So in another image heavy post, enjoy the warmest Easter at the beach in a long, long time.

Dune grass.

Roller coasters in the distance.

Vacant coast.

Little black shell.

Hotels lining the beach.

Army of lifeguard stands ready to go.

Walking along the jetty.


Sitting on the rocks.

Wintery legs at the beach.

One last peak at the waves until summertime.

I wanted to post these yesterday but I was beat. I took the Praxis I at 8am yesterday. That's one of two tests that certify you to become a teacher. I got an awful sleep the night before because I was so stressed out about it. Isn't it funny that when you get the least amount of sleep, you can still manage to have the most vivid and disturbing dreams? Nice, right? Anyway, the test was about four hours on math, reading, and writing. Basically to make sure you know what's what before they stick you in charge of educating people. Anyway, I didn't realize this but when you take it on the computer, it scores the math and reading section for you on the spot. And I passed those. YAY! I have to wait for the essay to be graded to find out if I passed the whole thing overall but I am stoked that I passed math. Math and I have a hate/hate relationship. He hates me and I hate him. But this year, we are finally starting to get along. There is hope for us yet. So after that I was pretty much exhausted and just wanted to lay like a lump until my math class last night. Oh yes, math and I were together a lot yesterday.

I have a few finals this week and next and then I should be back to normal I hope. How was your weekend? Do anything fun for Easter/Passover/super nice weekend?


  1. Oh my goodness, I've heard the Praxis is really intense to take. Congrats on passing those portions! I hope the rest of it comes out alright for you. :-)

  2. Beautiful photos! I love beach towns in the spring. And congrats on passing two parts of your exam! (I hate math too, and he hates me back as well).


  3. Not sure how I found my way here, but I like your blog a lot - adding you to my reader :)

  4. I love your photos, they are gorgeous! I wish I lived near a beach, because that sounds like a lovely way to spend Easter every year. Congrats on passing 2/3 of the test so far!! :)

  5. Love this post and love Cape May! I recently did a post about my visit to Cape May too!


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