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Friday, April 22, 2011

fun finds: easter

I've been finding a lot of fun Easter and Spring related things that I wanted to share with you. Here are my favorite projects from around the interwebs!

These eggs are real eggs shells filled with chocolate! The tutorial I'm linking to from Not Martha is pretty fun because it shows you how to just coat the insides of the eggs with chocolate and then stuff them full of Easter goodness. I made these before but we filled them with different colored white chocolate so that when we cracked the shells open, rainbow colored solid chocolate eggs popped out!


Here's another fun thing to do with empty eggshells. When you crack eggs for your Easter baking, don't discard the shells. Put them back in the carton. When the carton is full of shells, start a little herb garden!


Here's a little spin on classic dyed Easter eggs. Southern Living has a tutorial that uses some paint and a toothbrush to make some rustic speckled eggs.


Switching over to bunnies, The Purl Bee has an awesome pattern and tutorial for these cute little buns. Grab your favorite patterned fabric and get sewing!


Another cute bunny pattern. This one is from mmmcrafts. These little baby buns kill me! Too much cuteness. Sew one of these up for a special little someone's Easter basket. It even has it's own baby blanket!


This last one you can keep up all Spring. I love cherry blossoms and this is a cute little tutorial that shows you how to make your own out of paper so they'll never wilt. This would make a really cute centerpiece. :)

I hope some of these have gotten your springy craft juices flowing. Click the source link to get to any of the tutorials. These projects would make perfect gifts or decorations!

Happy Friday everyone!

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