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Friday, April 8, 2011

kites and apple trees

I've been wanting to try etching glass for a while now and finally picked up a little kit the last time I went to the craft store! I grabbed a glass jar I had with smooth sides and sketched out an image I wanted to put on it.

I didn't take any process photos because I was really just winging it but I just measured out the area I had for a design and sketched an illustration on some paper. Then I drew it on clear contact paper, peeled it, and wrapped it around the jar. I grabbed an xacto and started cutting out the shapes that I wanted to be etched. This was a little difficult and some pieces didn't come out exactly how I wanted but it was good enough for a first try. Then I just followed the directions on the package and painted on the etching cream over the images. One minute later, just wash it off and peel off the contact paper. There's your image!

Thinking about April, I drew a girl flying a kite. The kite wraps around to the other side of the jar.

Here's the little kite string with bows on it.

Here's the kite with a little bunny staring up at it. :)

And an apple tree on the other side.

This was crazy hard to take photos of. There was either not enough light or too many reflections or too bright/complicated of a background to see the images. The inside is also a little murky because I put a candle in it last night to see how it would look and then did a bang up job trying to get it out. I need to find one of those sponge on a stick things you clean glasses with or something. Oh well. It cast some pretty cool shadows though..

Like I said before, not perfect, but a good first try I think! Definitely learned some things I'd do differently next time. I have a bunch of the etching cream left so I'll probably try it again soon.

Have any of you been tackling new projects lately? How's it been going for you?

Happy Friday!!

p.s. Thanks for all the crate training support and puppy love. It's hard training puppies!! At least I'm getting experience for when I get my own when I move. I won't be caught completely off guard now. :)


  1. this is so cool! i love it! i'm going to have to try this!

  2. I LOVE this! The candle idea is awesome; my little girls would looooove the cute shadows on stormy nights when the power goes out....they wouldn't be so scared with just the plain, creepy candles scattered around the house! So far, you have given me a few really great ideas for home school projects next year! Love your blog!

  3. these etching's are so cool Jess, you did such a good job! winging it works for you, wish i had a steady hand to make those lines smooth like yours. totally impressed - happy weekend! ♥

  4. Holy Moly this is awesome!!!

  5. Oh wow! This is such a FANTASTIC idea!!! I'm loving all your crafty posts - they give so much inspiration to try new things :)
    xox mervi

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