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Friday, April 15, 2011

my abc's

Shirts are almost done! Man, heat setting is some tedious work. I was at the ironing board for hours. We'll be shooting them later today. In the meantime, here are my abc's! I saw this over on Scenic Glory and thought it looked like fun. Random facts are always interesting. :) You should do it too! Make your own post and then click on the link above and link up.

Here we go..

Age: 23
Bed Size: Full
Chore you hate: Vacuuming!
Dogs: I want a black pug when I move. I already have the name picked out! :)
Essential start of your day: A good morning from my dude. :)
Favorite Color: I haven't had a favorite in a long time but right now I love aqua, mustard, and chartreuse.
Gold or silver: Depends! My real jewelry is silver/white gold.. Costume jewelry is gold.
Height: 5'10 meh
Instruments I play (or have played): I'm not a instrument gal. I taught myself a few songs on the piano but that's about it.
Job Title: Right now.. graphic designer. In less than two years.. graphic designer, teacher, and indie business owner!
Kids: 4 fuzzy guinea pigs :)
Live: Philadelphia, PA
Mom's Name: Noreen
Nickname: Jess and a few special ones that my guy calls me :)
Overnight hospital stays: hmm none actually. I've had a decent amount of e.r. visits though :|
Pet Peeve: Slow walkers, no turn signals, people with no self awareness.. the list goes on
Quote from a movie: "Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary." -Dead Poets Society
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: One younger brother
Time you wake up: Sometime between 7 and 9am. That'll be changing soon.
Underwear: Uhh from Victoria's Secret.. I worked there for a spell so I have a lot of it.
Vegetables you dislike: Spinach. Only spinach. I don't know why.
What makes you run late: Not planning an outfit the night before.
X-rays you've had done: Oh boy.. multiple wrists, my hand, ankles.. I was a pretty active child and broke/sprained a lot of stuff.
Yummy food you make: I'm getting pretty good at pasta dishes and breads!
Zoo animal: Bats.

I hope you enjoyed the randomness. If you do it too, post a link in the comments so I can check it out! Happy Friday!


  1. I'm so anxious to get a dog too. And you live in Philly! I used to live in Pittsburgh. PA is such a gorgeous state...

  2. haha this is cute! I hate vacuuming too, for some reason the noise drives me nuts, and my rabbit too!

  3. Oh I loved reading this! And I want a black pug too! Totally have a named picked out too haha. :D ANNND so jealous of your height!

  4. i love vacuuming but it is the only chore my husband just loves, so i let him do it. check out my abc's at

  5. omg, you are so cute! i had our animals names picked out forever before we brought them home and still have a mass list of potentials on any upcoming family joiners ; )

    and the slow walker thing happened today, gaaaar for realz. i hear THAT! totally enjoyed the randomness, nicely done lades. ♥

  6. 4 guinea pigs? I bet they are super cute together!


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