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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've felt like such a terrible blogger as of late. I keep promising to show this and do that yet nothing seems to get done and then I feel even worse. So I'm going to blame these two fur babies (new favorite phrase courtesy of Lynn) though it's only partially their fault. I figure soft fluffy puppies usually make everything all better. :)

Meet Bill and Ted. Yes, as in "Excellent Adventure".

Bill is black and Ted is tan. Easy enough right? Here they are taking naps in their crates. Ted sleeps in the craziest positions. I think he's part cat. They wear each other out quickly. They're always playing tug of war with toys or just trying to pin each other with some sweet wrestling moves. Such boys. :)

Where did they come from you ask? Well Charlie's parents were feeling a little too big of a hole left by Molly so they got these two pups to give their love to. Since my schedule is pretty flexible right now, I volunteered for pup duty a couple days a week so they don't have to work from home everyday. I'm here to keep them on their schedule and fed and entertained and to be a ref and clean up after any mishaps. They're being crate trained, which I know some people don't agree with but Molly was crate trained as well and she was such a happy pup and lived well beyond her years. To each his own. It's funny that when one has had enough of the other (usually when Bill has had enough of Ted) they'll go into their respective crates and chill out with a bone or a toy.

I can't completely blame these guys for my slackerness though. It also has to do with classes coming to an end and having to figure out my class schedule for the summer and fall and figure out when I can get down to the city to take the Praxis and then formally apply to the education program. There's just a lot going on right now and I'm trying to devote enough time to, ya know, passing my classes as well as keeping up with my blog because it's something I love doing. I'm making such amazing friends here and I don't want to alienate anybody so I'm trying to keep up!

Anyway, enough of all my reasoning. I tried etching glass yesterday for the first time so I think tomorrow when I'm off pup duty I'll show that off. It's nowhere near perfect but I think it's pretty fun for a first try! Also, yes that giveaway. One of those things I keep mentioning and keep putting off. Not because I don't want to do it, but because I want to find an adequate prize for such awesome readers. I'll figure it out before my next hundred posts go by. ;)

Hope everyone's having a good week!


  1. It can be so challenging to keep up with daily blogging with things like work, school, life, and yes, really cute dogs! I love it that you babysit them... My dog is very old and lots of work, but also provides some much needed breaks from all the other chaos. :)


  2. Puppies make everything better, even grieving for a beloved family pet.
    I am a huge fan of crate training. When my older fur-baby was a puppy, my Mister took her out of the crate every.time.she.cried. Seriously, a whimper and she was free. We had only been living together for a short time, which must be why I never put a stop to it! Anyway, she was difficult from 1 to 3 years old. She is an angel now at 6, but it was a long road. With fur-baby #2 we did the crating properly and he was fully trained and housebroken at 10 MONTHS old. He is 3 now and not only is the crate still his favorite spot for a nap, but when he sees me getting ready to leave the house he goes right in, and barks at me if he thinks I am going to leave without latching the door.
    Hey, good luck with school! Don't worry about not blogging enough; it is supposed to be fun and bring you joy. :-)

  3. What great additions to the family. And for the record I crate train. Wouldn't have it any other way.Can't wait to see your glass!
    the wanna be country girl - Caroline

  4. A. those puppies are soooo adorable!! OMG I wish I could have a dog so badly!! Alas...allergies ruin my life =(
    B. I can't wait to see the glass etching, I've wanted to try that for a while but never have!

  5. Even for the worst of weeks a dose of puppy really does lift the spirit. Thanks for reminding me of the good things :)

  6. do you know how awesomely awesome this is on sooo many levels! i may be typing so fast i will blunder the whole thing but okay 1st: two new puppehs!!!!! (and the fur baby hat tip is pretty cute lades, thanks a bunch!) i'm overjoyed to hear that and they will not only bless Charlie's folks but you two too - yah. then their names... um, no sad Keanu in the bunch that's an excellent choice. primo preems! now that tummy roll is a complete and utter cute overload and he needs some koochy-koos right there. baha!

    this has got to have made a huge diff for Charlie, i hope he's doing alright. and also hope your schedule winds down so you can enjoy a breather. ♥


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