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Friday, May 20, 2011

end of the world

I guess since I've been out of college for just about a year now I'm starting to lose my college brain. By that I mean I forgot that people will find any reason to party. I'm used to grad school now where people go home to their spouses and children. It never dawned on me that everyone would want to have an end of the world party tomorrow. Duh, what else.

So first I will be going to a "classy end of the world tailgate" before the Union game tomorrow night where all the guys are wearing ties over their jerseys and supposedly all the girls are wearing sundresses under theirs. There will be wine and baked ziti (only the finest) and probably even some games. I'm determined to find those wine juice boxes I've been hearing about lately because nothing screams "classy" like punching a plastic straw through a foil covered hole.

After that, friends of ours are hosting an end of the world themed party at their house so we'll be headed there after the game. I guess if we're all going down on a given date, people would rather be sloshed when it happens. I'm starting to think the end of the world is going to look a lot like a big fat hangover. Silly bible over-analyzers. This is what happens when you combine math and religion. You just give everyone an excuse to party! ;)

Will you be doing anything for the "end of the world"?


  1. you've got such a great array of parties to enjoy, sounds like mad fun - juice boxed wine is pretty f’ing great!

    hmmm, end of the world plans, i thought that whole scenario wasn't till 2012....are peeps planning ahead now? ♥


  2. haha ohh this is the first end of the world.. supposedly a Christian group out there believes the beginning of the end is this Saturday. Then I guess if this doesn't do it we wait till 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends. Then when that doesn't happen we wait for the next prediction! Nice right?

  3. Haha! So true. I live in a college town (even though I'm 32 and not currently in college), and the day before the end of the world, I overheard two college guys in the bank saying to each other, "So are you coming to the rapture party tonight?" "Oh yeah! I wouldn't miss it!" Lol. Cracks me up. ;)


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