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Thursday, May 19, 2011

made in the 80s

Rumor has it that my cousin and her husband (turning 30 this year) and my uncle and a family friend (turning 60 this year) are having a combined party in June to celebrate all the milestones. The catch of this party is that you have to dress from the decade in which you were born. As an 87'er I nearly died because the 80's is my least favorite decade ever. All those decades full of beautiful fashion and I get slapped with the 80's. I guess that's what I get for being a 20-something right? It's just soo overdone as a theme, and let's be honest.. the fashion was slightly horrendous.

But if I have to do this, I want to do it well. Which means none of that stereotypical workout gear, sweat band, leg warmers, leotard crap that everyone and their mom has done. Twice. None of this..

Sorry Olivia. And what is up with that pose that everyone rocked in the 80's? Was it like a requirement that you must be able to shape your body into a checkmark in order to earn your leg warmers? Seriously, look up 80's workout fashion and you'll see like 9 different women shaped like checks.

But since I do love me a good costume party, I looked up some things that I wouldn't mind dressing in to show off my era (which I lived in for 2 years of my life and wore what my mom put me in). I'm currently channeling the Molly Ringwald or Madonna-esque look. Even the Madonna thing is a little expected but I think I could put together a sweet Molly Ringwald if I haunt a few thrift stores. That way there's no mistaking that I rep the 80's, but I don't look like I walked out of a high school dance. Are you pickin up what I'm puttin down?

Anywho.. this is what I'm looking towards..

What would you wear if you had to dress 80's? This decade is not my area of expertise. Give me the 20's-70's and I'd be stoked, but the 80's? Get at me. ;)

Hope everyone's week is going well!


  1. lots of bright neons. scrunched socks. scrunches in the hair. frizzy, big hair. leggings.

    sounds like a fun costume party!! loooove dressing 80s. have you ever seen the movie 13 going on 30? it can give you lots of inspiration for it. i watched it when i had to dress all 80s!

  2. I kind of love all the first photos haha leggings and leg warmers + extreme boat pose totally does it for me :)


  3. ilene.. I love that movie! I'll have to check it out again. Believe it or not I think I still have a decent amount of scruchies from when I was little haha I could totally dig one of those out and put it to good use! :)

    Sarah.. Haha yea the first photos aren't awful, I just wanted to try something a little different than what people usually think of when they think 80's. Boat pose! Haha love it! I had no idea it had a name! :)

  4. If it was me, I'd definitely do something more tame and early '80s. The first thing that popped into my mind that isn't neon workout gear is from the movie The House of the Devil. High waisted jeans and a tucked in flannel? It may be boring, but it also reminds me of pictures of my parents!

  5. I know what you mean about being over done! Do it big though and you'll have fun!

    I would go with something that isn't typical, less flashy because everyone is going to be going in work out gear! Try going to some vintage thrift stores adn getting some proper 80s fashion instead of just trying to recreate the look!


  6. Meghan.. I've never seen that movie, I'll have to check it out. But you have the right idea.. I'd rather dress in more authentic, everyday 80's-wear than look like I'm going out for Halloween!

    Miss Kait.. I think thrift stores are exactly where I need to look! Maybe find an over sized blazer or a three tiered party dress.. that would be awesome.


  7. oh heck ya girl! the 80's are perhaps my fave era ever. mostly for the uber awesome new wave groups that came out of it. sorry you were not having a love-fest over finding out the party theme, oops! but it could be "most excellent" and you could pull off the Molly Ringwald look with ace results.

    if it was me, i would def be going into the punk/new wave world and following alongside ideas from Siouxie and the Banshees, The B-52's (total beehive and space cadet wear), Poison Ivy from The Cramps or Nina Hagen/Lene Lovich. you might not recognize any of these, so sorry for my eager excitement. i told you it's my fave, kinda get carried away with the whole idea. i know you'll have a wonderful time however you decide to role play. ♥

    pea ess: thanks a bunch for your technology wishes, all my digits are crossed that the thing won't crash and burn.

  8. I'm digging the Molly Ringwald vibe. You should totally do that. I love the bottom-right photo -- great hat, suit-jacket, etc. Definitely 80's, but still quite respectable. I can't wait to see how your costume turns out. :)


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