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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So here's the new 'do! I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. It's pretty much exactly how I hoped it would look.

Sort of orangey-red with some added blonde highlights thanks to that multiple tones the bleaching produced.

Here's a little three stepper of how I went from my last hair color to this one..

I started out dark brown but I had about two inches of roots from sheer neglect and having no time to make myself look human. I applied three boxes of Manic Panic Flash Lightning Bleach to my head (because my hair is crazy long) and left it on for just under an hour. That brings me to step 2. Like I said before, the bleach will turn roots white (unless you have super dark hair maybe?) and it turned the rest a sort of coppery color. When my hair dried, I applied the light auburn dye which brings us to step 3! Easy. You just need to have a day to devote to it. Lest you go out side with a gradating 'do. Which is why I waited so long. I didn't want to freak everyone in my class out by showing up during step 2. They didn't know me back in my pink hair days. ;)

Now it's just a lot of getting used to. This is the most drastic change I've done to my hair since I was platinum blonde three years ago. It's just been various shades of brown/reddish brown since then. So now is the stage where I can't stop fondling my head every time I pass a mirror. Does anyone else do this? Like when you get a new haircut or something? I just keep pushing and prodding it to make sure I like it and see every sort of variation of it. Something like this..

Oh and I make tons of funny faces at myself that you have now been subjected to.

So those are my summertime hair adventures. I think I'll keep it up until fall. I like to shake it up for new seasons. :) Have you been making any changes to welcome summer?


  1. What brand and shade of dye did you use? It turned out looking really natural!


  2. I used Clairol Nice 'n Easy in Natural Light Auburn. I'd definitely recommend it!

  3. loooooove it! I mixed up my poo brown with some highlights because I'm so original and craaaazy.

  4. Looking good! I took the ginger plunge myself and love it! :D

  5. So pretty! Making me want to go ginger even more..... it looks so great with fringes! xo

  6. Wow! It looks great! This color actually looks like it's "natural" because it goes so well with your eyes, lips and skintone. I think it's perfect on you!

  7. YES, I totally do the hair fondle when it's freshly cut/dyed. :D Anyway, I love hair dye. Love. I was a natural brunette (dark brown,) as I became a teenager, my hair turned naturally light brown. Last year I dyed my hair four times. :P One: Blonde! In Summer. Two: Red! In Autumn. Three: Black! In Winter. And finally: RED and BLACK! for... Winter again!

    Now I just used blonde dye on my black/red/dark brown hair and got a sort of tiger stripe effect which I LOVE! My next hair dying goals are: Light blue, Light lavender, Purple, Blue, Strawberry Pink and finally, a really bright Manic Panic RED! :D I'm excited!

    You look SMASHING!!!

  8. You look so stunning with this hair colour & style!! What a great combo! I'm absolutely loving it!

  9. Ohlala lady! It looks gorgeous :)


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