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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Charlie and I have been brainstorming a lot about frame arrangements since he got his new place. As a photographer, he has tons of photos to be framed plus a lot of fun screen prints and such he's collected over the years. I've been trying to compile some inspiration and have found some amazing arrangement ideas.

{source 1 + 2}

Even though there's no photos I think the first one is my favorite. Besides the fact that I love those greens, I also love the idea of having varying shapes.


Also loving the mismatched feel of the one above. This would work well for a collection of frames from yard sales or thrift stores. Especially since frames can be ridiculously expensive. :/

{source 1 + 2}

Some more stair arrangements. The walls next to stairs are sort of asking for frames aren't they? There's no furniture against them or anything so what else would you do with them?

I think the ones above look amazing.. layering frames is something I never would've thought of! I saw them all here, where you can actually download templates for creating these frame arrangements. It looks like they were originally from Pottery Barn but I don't think that link on the site works anymore. Still good inspiration though.

If we figure out something awesome I'll be sure to share it. :) Have you seen any good frame inspiration? If so, do share!

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  1. Ah, this post couldn't have come at a better time! I'm in the middle of making a frame collage for my wall in the living room, but haven't begun putting any photos up yet. We rent and apart of me feels kinda bad leaving tons of whole in the wall from frames. Still, they look great! This is giving me ideas...


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