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Friday, August 12, 2011

frustration and inspiration

I have no idea where this post is going to go within the next 10+ minutes of writing so bear with me. My head feels like it's full of cotton and I think I need to get this out, even if just for myself, so that I don't feel so creatively constipated anymore. (I'm charming, I know, sorry.) ;)

After having a lunch date with a close friend from high school and discussing the handmade/homemade life, I think the time has come now more than ever to start making the products I've been dreaming of and filling sketchbooks with and create a small business for myself. A petite business at that. I don't have any lofty ambitions right now of fully supporting myself on my own art but I need to do something. I registered Tenpenny Splendid on Etsy months ago, probably around the time I started this blog, but I have yet to list a product. This is due to a laundry list of reasons that I am determined to resolve now.

vintage fabric waiting to be sewn..

One being my busted sewing machine. It's not really broken, it's just in a state of unbalanced tension that I apparently can't fix myself. Believe me, I've tried everything. That's first on the list to get remedied now that I've found some places I can take it to. Another reason was time, which I have more of now that I'm on a set path and about halfway done my Master's.

That's one of my two main frustrations right now. I have time. I just don't know what to do with it. June was crazy with my super compacted summer class but then I was released into the rest of summer and had no idea what to do with myself. Thus the reason that blogging has been so scarce. I've just been so stuck. I have so many ideas but something always stops me from putting them into motion. I want to sew but my sewing machine is apparently going through something personal right now. I want to get back into fabric printing and have all the necessary supplies, but not the facilities. I feel like I just always need one more thing which is why nothing gets started.

sad sewing machine collecting dust..

My second frustration, which pushed me to this new found determination is trying to find a job. I could go on for days about how infuriating this whole process has been but I'll keep it short and just say this.. The fact that everything is online now SUCKS. It's impersonal and impossible. Everyone ignores you, no one feels the need to get back to you, and everyone wants a million years of experience, but no one is willing to give any out. There is no way to stand out and no way to know if your resume has even been looked at. I'm frustrated, fed up, and tired. So tired of searching, and emailing, and writing a brand new bang up cover letter each time just to get NO response whatsoever. /rant

yarn waiting to be crocheted..

To sum it all up, I'm actively seeking ways to start this up now. I'm taking my sewing machine for repairs in the upcoming week and inquiring about local facilities where I can screen print. I need to do something for money and for me and I'm hoping things can just work out for once.

Speaking of printmaking facilities though, if anyone knows about places in the Philadelphia or Bucks County area where you can screen print on your own, any info would be greatly appreciated.

If you've made it this far, thanks for listening to me rant and just get some things out of my head. I needed to. And hopefully some good and crafty things will come from it! :) Have a great weekend!


  1. i wish you the best of luck with your ideas , i'm certain you'll pull of anything you want to do :)


  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Here's hoping everything works out :)

  3. after bad times comes good times!! For everyone and Everywhere ....even in the dictionary :)!! All the best!!


  4. Reading this hit me way too close to home. I know exactly how frustrating all of this is. The last year I've been unemployed (because of my lack of experience and other items you touched on), stuck in my crafting ways (though I crochet more than sew), and trying to find a path that satisfies me as well as pays me. I even also registered my blog on etsy with nothing for purchase!

    To be honest I'm a bit relieved that someone else is having a tough time too. Hang in there! We'll make it work eventually!

  5. The reason why I loved reading this post is that after telling us about your frustrations, in the end, you had actual goals and were going to actually do something about the little rough patches you've been going through! It's totally inspiring! Even though they might be little steps, I love hearing about what's to come!

    Can't wait to see your creations!

  6. Thanks guys! I'm glad some of you could relate and didn't mind me whining a little ;). It's nice to know I can be blatantly honest on here. Thanks for all the well wishes and I hope all of your endeavors work our too! :)

  7. Jess,

    Keep up the inspiration and really getting shit done! Going to get your sewing machine fixed and such.

    I hope that things are getting better and that little successes are happening though maybe the big ones still need time.



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