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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

favorite color combinations - list 6

Finally home with my camera and my list book. I just backdated the last three days of lists so I wouldn't have to stick them all on one long post. Feel free to go back and check 'em out if you like! Meanwhile, I need to do some catching up on what my fellow list makers are doing!

So here I am, all caught up with list six.

Favorite Color Combinations
1. aqua + mustard
2. peach + sky blue
3. dusty pink + peach
4. red orange + orange + mustard
5. olive + turquoise
6. aqua + black
7. red + aqua

I like aqua evidently.

I swear I'll post something other than lists soon. I actually just finished crocheting my first bag and I want to share it, but the weather has been super crappy for photos. And sadly it's planning on raining for the next few days. I'll see what I can do. Maybe the sun will peek out for a minute and let me take a decent photo. :)

Here's hoping for a sunny, but cool September day..

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  1. Oooh, lovely list!!! I like aqua too. ^_^ I'm such a color nerd, I went on Wikipedia and figured out exactly what my favorite colors are, by their actual name. >.o Took a while. I didn't even try to list 'em all, heh.


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