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Friday, September 2, 2011

september lists

I love lists. I love writing them, crossing things off, and seeing everything I wanted to do accomplished. So it made perfect sense for me to join up with 30 Days of Lists this time around! I didn't realize it was going on until much too late last time so when I saw it was going on again, I signed up right away. :)

The first list prompt (which was for yesterday) was a list of goals for September, which is perfect because I love to set a list of new goals for each month. Some small, some lofty.. it's just fun to know there's some things you'll definitely accomplish and others you really have to push yourself towards. Since I was just coming home from the shore yesterday and had my first class last night, here are my lists for September 1st and 2nd. I'll post photos of the actual lists later on because I'm not home at the moment!

Goals for September..
1. Start sewing up the ideas in my notebook
2. Do yoga more regularly
3. Get back into regular blogging
4. Freshen up the blog design
5. Plan products for the holiday season to stock my Etsy with
6. Cook and bake more
7. Have a picnic before the weather gets cold

The list prompt for September 2nd is..

I am Happiest When..
1. I wake up early and everything's still quiet
2. I am eating really good food.. and sometimes bad food :)
3. We have a date night
4. Going on a late night ice cream run
5. The weather's cool enough for layers but not so cold you need to hide under a winter coat
6. A book is so good I finish it in 2-3 days

That's that for now! Are any of you doing 30 Days of Lists? Let me know because I'd love to read them!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I'm doing the 30 lists too! i look forward to seeing the rest of yours :) xo

  2. I am also doing 30 Lists!!! So fun!!! I did them in March too. ^_^

    I love your goals and the times you're happiest. Yay for late night ice cream runs. ^_^


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