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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ball jar jack-o-lanterns

Craft number two is another candle related craft. After all, most Halloween fun takes place at night, yea? This one is super easy and very undo-able after Halloween so that you can wash out your ball jars and go back to sipping iced coffee out of them in no time. ;)

Here's what ya need..

1. whatever size/number jars you would like
2. orange tissue paper
3. as many rubber bands as jars
4. green ribbon
5. black cardstock
6. pencil
7. scissors
8. tape (or glue)
9. tea light candle for each jar

Start out by cutting a square of tissue paper that, when folded upwards, just reaches the lip of the jar on each side (1). Lift a side of the tissue paper (2) and grab some about an inch or two over. Fold that over to the beginning so you get a pleat (3). Continue to do this all the way around the jar (4). Tucking any excess paper into the jar helps keep it from falling apart.

Wrap one of your rubber bands around the top of the jar, nice and tight. Fluff out all the excess paper at the top (1) and cut around the edge so the paper is level with the lip of the jar (2). Tuck the end of a piece of ribbon under the rubber band, leaving a few inches hanging down (3) and wrap the rest around the jar, covering the band and as much of the top as you want. When you've wrapped enough, bring the end around to meet the tail you left and tie them in a bow (4)!

Cut out some face pieces from the card stock (1) and put a little roll of tape or dab of glue on the back. Give your pumpkins some personality (2)!

Plop a tea light down there, light it, and watch them glow!

I think these would look awesome outside on the step as you give out candy or even as a little table center piece. They even light up pretty well during the day! I have one lit now as I type this and watch Hocus Pocus. I think cheesy Halloween movies are my favorite. More-so than scary ones.

If you missed yesterday's Halloween craft you can check it here! Also, stop by tomorrow for number three!

Hope your week is going well!


  1. This is SO cute!!!

    Also, I gotta say, I like both scary and cheesy Halloween movies but my favorite for Halloween time is Young Frankenstein! So cute!!!

  2. Oh what a cute idea! I love creating all kinds of holiday crafts.

  3. These are amazing!! I'm going to attempt it with my daughter later today, thanks lady!


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