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Friday, October 14, 2011

creepy terrariums

 Here is craft project number three! I'm a little behind in getting these up cause a lots been going on. For one I got an iphone! Yay! So I've been playing with that and trying to get acclimated. Anyway, I'll be posting another later tonight or tomorrow morning.

This project turned out more awesome than I thought it would. I was pretty pleased. This one is less of a how-to and more of a serving suggestion. You can really put anything you want in here, this is just how I did it.

What I used..
1. sticks from my backyard
2. pieces of a foam block
3. x-acto
4. black cardstock
5. faux moss
6. pebbles
7. glass jars

First I printed some silhouettes of creepy dudes from the interwebs. I grabbed a bat, a rat, and a raven. I just traced the creatures onto the cardstock and cut them out. Then I taped their feet onto the sticks, stuck them into the foam for a little stability, and put them in the jars. Then I covered the bottoms with moss. That's it! Use your imagination and add all sorts of plants and things.

The little batty is my favorite, but then bats are my favorite animal. :)

These are my favorite project so far. And they can totally be updated seasonally!

If you haven't seen them yet, check out the first two crafts:
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Happy weekend!!


  1. These are freaking adorable!! The bat is my favorite too, I love bats (I've even got a couple tattooed on me lol). Where did you get those jars, I love them?!

  2. This pure perfection! I cannot believe how gorgeous and creepy they look and how simple they sound! <3 Thank you SO much for posting this, Jess!!!

  3. Jamie.. That's awesome! I think if I get a tattoo there'd be a bat involved. :) I actually found the jars at a.c. moore by all their flower arrangement stuff! I've been wanting jars like this for a while and these were perfect and inexpensive!

    Angie.. Thanks! Glad you like em! :)

  4. These are fabulous, Jess! Perfect balance between Halloween-creepy and tasteful. I'm partial to ravens myself, so that one is my favorite :)


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