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Monday, October 10, 2011

little gg draws

Before I get started on Halloween Craft Week, I wanted to introduce you to an artist who deserves a bit of spotlight. A friend of mine and Charlie's, Gina Antonelli, had a gallery opening last Friday featuring her new illustrations. She is a super talented illustrator and this is the first time I actually got to see her work.

These photos don't do her paintings justice but I tried to capture some close-ups so you can get a feel for the work. You can also see more of her illustrations on her portfolio site, Little Gg Draws.

I was able to snag a quick photo of Gina even though there were tons of people there. It was a really nice turn out! I really like these particular illustrations because they are incredibly relatable. They all feature a girl who bogged down and surrounded by life's chores like cooking and cleaning, while the real goals seem just out of reach. The beautiful detail in the dresses is just amazing.

I mean, who hasn't felt like they were falling through a vortex of laundry, dishes, and groceries? This is pretty much what the inside of my head looks like. :)

The girls' hair always gets me too. The detail in the twists and curls is incredible. Definitely stop by her portfolio site and check out the other paintings. There's also another beautiful series of the 12 Days of Christmas. Kind of amazing.

Hope everyone's week is starting off well! In other news, I finally got a call about a job! Say a prayer, knock on wood, cross your fingers, or whatever it is you do, that I get the second interview call! :)

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