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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

much ado about eggs

 Eggs. There are infinite ways to prepare them and everyone has their own special preference. Scrambled is good, but unless you cook them into oblivion, there's not much screwing up that can be done there. But then there's the variety where the egg and yolk stay intact. And that can be screwed up big time depending on your preferences.

I like mine with the white fully set and the yolk in its "dippy" form. This would be considered over-easy in fried egg speak. I've read every suggestion on how to prepare these but no matter what way I've tried, I either end up with a creepy, crusty over-cooked bottom, a partially set yolk, or a smashed yolk from a quick flip. All of these situations render eggs inedible to me.

This led me to start soft boiling them which was my method for a while, but peeling a soft boiled egg is a pain to say the least. And poaching looked way too difficult with all the suggestions of room temperature eggs and vinegar and whirlpools.. until I came across this amazing tip one day! Poach them in a pouch!

 It couldn't be easier and it results in fully set whites with a runny yolk and no scary brown crust in sight! And it takes about 5 minutes.

All you do is tear off a piece of plastic wrap and spray a little cooking spray or rub some olive oil on it. Place it into a small dish (I used a measuring cup) and crack the egg inside. Gather up the edges and give it a twist. Secure it with a bag clip or a twist tie so that the pouch doesn't come undone. Pop them in a pot of simmering water.. you want gentle bubbles so the bag doesn't bounce around and fall apart. Cook for 5 minutes if you want them as shown. Cook longer if you like them more set all the way through. Remove them from the water, unclip (don't burn yourself!) and unwrap. Done!

I put mine on top of a toasted and buttered bagel thin.

Then, smash! Top with salt and pepper.

 I just thought this was a handy tip that some other picky egg eaters might like. :)

Hope your week is going well! 2 more days to enter the Moleskine giveaway!


  1. My boyfriend loves "dippy" eggs as he calls them but I can't ever make them either so we just end up having scrambled eggs instead. This looks so easy and yummy, I'll have to give it a try Sunday morning! Thanks for posting it!!

  2. That's the way I love my eggs too, I gotta try this! :) I usually just fry them but I get paranoid if the white is runny AT ALL!

  3. This is pure genius! Thank you so much for sharing such a great tip.

  4. Why do people always put the eggs in a plastic bag? I always just crack them into a bowl and then put it in boiling water and they turn out fine every time -

    by the way, poached eggs is seriously one of my favourite meals x


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