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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

pyrex score

Without a doubt, my favorite room in the house is the kitchen. I love cooking and baking and I love all the supplies that go along with that. Even though I don't have my own place yet, I've sort of been collecting little things here and there for my one-day kitchen.

Ever since my Grandmom gave me her old green Pyrex bowls a while ago, I've been on a mission to collect as much vintage Pyrex as I can. I absolutely love the way they look and how all the mismatched colors and patterns still look so beautiful together. One day, I want to have big open shelves with all of it displayed together while it's not in use.

This brings me to the "crap store", or the biggest antique store I've ever seen in my life. We went there this past weekend and I found four beautiful new pieces to add to my collection. Three are in a set.

I first found this little casserole dish with the aqua farm print on the side. It even has the glass lid!

There were a ton of other Pyrex pieces but I only buy ones I am totally in love with. I don't buy any just to buy it because then I'd end up with a butt-load of dishes I'm not super fond of. And I've seen too many episodes of hoarders. :/ But this guy, I could just picture myself pulling it out of the oven in the summer time with a berry crumble inside. It's really good crumble size. ;)

I saw a bunch of pieces with patterns that didn't really float my boat, but then I spied these adorable little nesting bowls hiding underneath a tray.

Major score! The leaves are so perfectly fall. I can just imagine using these at a thanksgiving dinner. They would be so fun sitting on a fall dinner table!

After the bowls I decided to call it a successful mission and wrap it up.

I'm so excited about my blossoming collection! I've never really collected anything before so it's been fun handpicking every piece or having them passed down from family.

Do you have any collections? Or an affinity for Pyrex and kitchenware? ;)


  1. I love that dish with the farmers on the side!! Such a great find
    I have a pyrex casserole dish from my mom that I adore but our kitchen is so packed that I can't start searching for more pieces until we get more storage space.

    ok.. in theory I can't. In reality I still insist on shoving more kitchen stuff into it.

  2. I love these designs! What great finds :)


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