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Thursday, October 6, 2011

rainbow legs

I've been a black or gray jeans and leggings kinda girl for a while now. Since college times I guess. But lately I've been loving all the outfit posts I've been seeing with colored pants. I never really thought too much about them but now I keep picturing how good different colored pants could look with some of the tops I have. It didn't take much searching before I found a bunch I loved so here's five of my favorites!

These particular pants are either mega expensive or sold out (womp womp) so I'll have to keep searching if I actually want to buy some, but these are the colors I'm loving.

Do you rock colorful pants? Whats your favorite way to wear them?

Happy Thursday! If you're anywhere near where I live, enjoy the fall weather because come the weekend, it's going back up to the low 80's. *cry*


  1. hey Jess, loving the colorful stems total! i've had my eye on a pink pair for a while but really dig those red beauts too. good gosh, your weather is gonna rise in temp that much? crazytown! the other day i was bundled up with a scarf, hat and multiple layers to keep the chill out. autumnal weather hit this neck of the woods hard, kinda wish i was closer to Philly now...i'd wipe those tears for ya girl! ♥

  2. I have yet to dabble in these but I love the style!

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