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Saturday, October 15, 2011

raven feather dream catcher

When I was little, my parents always used to buy me different kinds of craft kits for Christmas. One year I got a dream catcher kit. I always tried to make it and worked on it from time to time but I think it was a little above my skill (or patience) level back then. The kit has since vanished but I always thought it would be cool to try an make a dream catcher someday. This little guy is far from the intricate lacing and beadwork of legit native american dream catchers, but it's my own October take on it. :)

 The supplies are pretty simple and can really be modified to fit what you have laying around.

What I used..
1. wooden wreath (any sturdy circular item will do)
2. cotton twine
3. decorative feathers
4. fall harvest decorations

You can hang anything you want from yours but this is what popped into my head when I got the idea.

I started by undoing the wire wrapping on the wooden wreath. I then uncoiled two rounds of wood, cut it, and formed it back into a circle. Then I just secured it with a piece of the wire (1). After that, I knotted the twine around the branches, wrapped it around to the other side, and tied it off back where I started (2). Then, same thing perpendicular to it (3). This gives you the basis for your spider web pattern, which you create by just wrapping the twine around the branches and back around the center point, moving as you go (4).

Go all the way around the circle until you have a wagon wheel pattern (1). Next, cut off some twine and tie a knot around one of the "spokes" about an inch or so from the frame. Loop the twine around each spoke as you go around the circle (2-3). Tie it off once you reach the starting knot and trim any excess twine (4).

That will complete the first tier of the web. Make as many as you want depending on the size of your circle. Three was good for me.

When you're done the web, tether some leaves, gourds, feathers, what have you, to the bottom of the ring. Go at it until it looks the way you want it! Then just loop some string through the top so you can hang it and let all your bad dreams get caught up in this web. ;)

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Hope your weekend is going well! :)


  1. i love this - so cute! i adore the little pumpkins :) xo

  2. This is really cute. usually we use feathers or flowers.This post gave a new thought of adding leaves and fruits.Thank you.

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