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Sunday, November 6, 2011

3 years ago + a book

First, I want to say thank you thank you for the happy birthday wishes! :) I did have a great birthday, going out with some friends and having drinks, laughs, and a little dancing. Even the people who couldn't go out still want to celebrate at a later date, sort of extending the birth-day into a birth-month and I am a-okay with that. ;)

3o Days Hath November..

Day 5. Three Years Ago Today

(I kid you not when I say this is the only photo of myself I could find from fall 2008. My photos from that year seem to stop around February, when I had bleached blonde hair. I dyed my hair by May so I would've had dark hair like in this photo. Evidently this was not a year I wanted to remember.)

Upon counting back and realizing this was 2008 I kind of got a strange feeling. 2008 was a fairly crap year for me. Some of it was downright terrible and stressful, some of it was pretty good. To say that my life has vastly improved since then would be an understatement. But by November of that year, things were were certainly looking up.

A day before, I had just turned 21, which is always exciting. For me it was a little downplayed because I'm the second oldest of my friends and the next person in line to turn 21 didn't do so for a few months. So my roommate (who was a year older) and I went out and had a small celebration and I made my first purchase at a state store, where I did not get carded of course. Thinking about that also makes me feel weird because that roommate and I suffered from some irreconcilable differences and stopped talking to each other a few months before we moved out of our house. Awkward..

While thinking back to three years ago made me feel a little icky, it also made me extremely happy about where my life is at today. I have an amazing relationship, I only have friends who are a positive force in my life, and I have a new direction career-wise that is super exciting. I am a much happier me now than I was this time three years ago. :)

Day 6. A Book I am Reading

On a less serious note, I am currently reading Promise Not to Tell by Jennifer McMahon. If you read the summer reading post, you may remember that I read a book by her over the summer and absolutely loved it. I also mentioned that I love finding authors with more than one hit so I decided to read another one of her books since the last one had me up at night reading page after page, despite how creeped out I was. I just started this one but I have high hopes for a similarly shocking and enthralling experience.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)


  1. Isn't it weird how people can change in three years? Three years isn't that long a time, but everyone I've asked seems to be leaps and bounds away from where they were! I guess this is growing up :)

  2. Incredibly weird! I wouldn't have even thought myself and those around me had changed so much if I hadn't really thought back about it. We certainly did grow up since then!

  3. I so hear you on three years ago. So much has changed since than - everything for the better, except for our old kitty.

    So glad your b-day bash went fantastically!


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