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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

christmas stockings

A couple weeks ago I read about this amazing little Christmas stocking idea over on Kyla Roma's blog. The idea is that you and your special someone hang your Christmas stockings and set a limit for how much you're going to spend filling them. As you buy things, you wrap them up and add them to the stocking and watch it grow! No peeking! ;) I fell in love with this idea because going through my Christmas stocking has always been one of my favorite traditions since I was little. I just love finding all of the tiny little treasures that can be stuffed inside.

I decided I wanted this to be a part of mine and Charlie's developing traditions so I presented the idea to him and he agreed to go for it! We set the limit at 20 just as Kyla did because we always end up overspending on each others Christmas gifts so we didn't want to add an extra 50+ with the stockings. I was a little nervous about the limit at first but now I'm excited about the challenge of finding super cool things for super cheap. They're obviously going to be silly little gifts but those are the best kind!

I really want to make our stockings so that they are something special we can use for years to come so here is some inspiration I have been looking at!

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I really like the ones that look like Christmas sweaters so maybe I'll go in that direction. I also really like the simple linen and burlap ones with the lace or ruffled tops!

What do your Christmas stockings looks like? Will you be doing a similar challenge? I'll post a photo of my childhood stocking when we dig them out because it's definitely my favorite. :)

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  1. Great idea,especially for those with little to spend on loved ones. Also, just read your pumpkin pie coffee post; I think a homemade jar of it would make a good gift as well as a treat for myself :)

  2. Oh I love Christmas stockings- I was always so excited to check mine as a kid! This sounds like a great tradition to start- there's something about tiny gifts that make me so happy :) The sweater ones are my favorite too! At my house, we have a mix, but my stocking is one that my mom knit for me when I was a baby, which makes it very special to me :)

    star-crossed smile


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