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Friday, November 18, 2011

cozy style

30 Days Hath November
Day 18: What I wore today

I think this should probably go under the category of one of those what I really wore today posts that people do. Not that I don't love it but it's far from glamorous or styled. The focus today was comfy and warm. And I am. So I win. ;)

hoodie // american apparel
cammie // american eagle
leggings // newport news
slipper boots // urban

Today I am hiding out at Charlie's place because there's a major siding and window overhaul going on back home and it is loud. Yesterday I decided to hide out in my room with a giant cup of coffee and some Christmas movies while I watched the photo frames shake off my walls. After taking the remaining ones down, I got back to work on sketching designs for Christmas cards. It was pretty productive and I had a lot of fun doing some hand lettering which I haven't done since college days.

It's amazing how quickly you can fall behind in the blog world though, amiright? I just wanted to stop by here and give this little update but now I'm off to try and catch up on all the reading and commenting I've fallen behind on!

Have a great weekend! :)

What's your cozy style?


  1. I love your cozy slippers! Hibernation days are the best:) I just ordered myself these totally ridiculous T-Rex claw-foot slippers, and I've been stomping around an awful lot in them! :)

  2. I actually think this outfit of yours is adorable! :3 I love warm and snuggly clothing. If I'm honest, my most favorite comfy clothes are a pair of PJ pants that are kinda old and super soft, with a loose t-shirt. Or a pair of old, worn in jeans and a long t-shirt, with my black fleece booties! ♥

  3. Hey! You look gorgeous. I'm always posting my REAL everyday look, because I found a bit funny just to dress up for photoshot and pretend that I actually wearing this look. Nooo.. It's not me.
    Your cozy hoody and super cute slippers are so adorable. When ever I get home I always change my clothes to cute sweatpants (yeah, yeah..uff) and some big cardi or sweater. Since childhood I have done it like that, but never go out with,no,no..I always like to dress up even looking sassy for grocery shopping.haha! Yeah..
    Happy weekend!

    xoxo Ra

  4. Krug.. Those sound amazing. I think I would stomp around in them always!

    Angie.. I too love the warm and snugglies. Soft and loose is the way to go! Sometimes I feel so stifled by skinny jeans that I just need to wear clothes that aren't really touching my skin much. :)

    Ramona.. I am exactly the same! I can change my pants 10 times in a day if that's what it takes! When I come in, sweatpants. When I go out, jeans. I can never get comfy in jeans and I will never go out in sweatpants. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I agree with the sentiment about getting fancy for something like grocery shopping!

  5. I love those slipper boots! You are right, it is so easy to fall behind! I was away from the computer for 3 days and my reader is packed! I do love taking time to catch up though... :)

  6. with a darling top knot like that you just continue to steal my heart away so go forth with the comfy coz look as much as you want. it's a keeper!!! and those slipper boots, whattttttttt? omg Jess, they are way too rad!

    yessuh to getting away from a noisy home reno, our neighbor was up to something the other night. not sure what they were doing but it was outrageously loud. i'd love to see the results from your Christmas card designs. i'm extra curious about the hand lettering. i've been watching some tutorials on how to turn them into your own personal font, have you ever done that? it's such a cool idea for folks who have lovely hand writing. mine isn't up to scratch so much but i'd still want to give it a go.

    please and thank you about the blog thing. i have become way too behind with comments and catch-ups. it's a lot to try and stay on top of, i understand completely! thanks so much for coming by and visiting me, i realize you're in a flurry of busies so it's really kind of you to make the time and leave me the sweetest birthday wishes too. xoox ♥


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