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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

crafty holiday

I've been collecting holiday craft ideas for a while and today I wanted to share some of my favorites! Some of these are things I'm holding to until I have my own home (such as the gorgeous tree skirt) and others are things I might whip up this year! It was totally unintentional, but after selecting ten items to show you, I realized they all have a sort of a natural or earthy feel, either in color scheme or materials. Crazy how your brain just does that sometimes without you really noticing until after the fact. :)

First, this stunning handmade tree skirt. Such non-typical colors for Christmas but I think that gives it a lot of class and style. Plus I love the ruffles.

And it would go great with these gorgeous ornaments!

Keeping with the ornament thing, these ornaments would be perfect for a bookworm's Christmas tree. Love. They remind me of ornaments my art class made in high school but we painted Christmas scenes over the paper. I'll have to post them when we dig em out. It was a fun craft!

And these, believe it or not, were made with spray paint and a stencil!

I've always wanted a fun advent calendar and this one is like a little seasonal work of art. It's actually from Pottery Barn but the blog I spotted it on made an excellent point that it could be easily duplicated with a little craftiness!

By now you probably know how much I like seasonal terrariums. ;) And these are no exception!

And here's a mini terrarium for your Christmas tree!

These snowflake inspired ornaments from Martha are amazing. I kind of would want to display them in these boxes just like the photo! The whole set up is stunning.

I think I have enough etching cream leftover from this project to attempt some pretty Christmas candle holders!

That's my little crafty roundup. Are you making any decorations this year?


  1. The spray paint ornaments and the etched candles are my favorites! I'd love to try making something similar.

  2. Jess, you've sourced up a smashing set of diy's here! okay and the key element to that amazing tree skirt is it's a NO SEW project - i jump on that bandwagon with high fivers flying left and right. awesome stuff!! and that is the prettiest advent calendar i've ever seen. sparkly fawn plus all else, i don't know what's the best part because i'm in love with it all. ♥


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