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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

november thoughts

  {snippets from last November's posts}

I cannot believe it is already November. My fall classes are almost over. I graduate in about a year. I turn 24 *gasp*. Christmas season is coming in full force via commercials and emails and I haven't even put away my bats and ghosts yet! There's a lot to do, a lot to prepare for, and a lot to celebrate. So in the spirit of a new month and an ending year, I have a few goals I'm setting for myself. There are only five but they are kind of big deal goals to me. Either because of the time they will take or because it's something new.

1. Begin working towards the flexibility I had when I was a dancer.
I officially started this today now that I'm back home from Florida and well rested. I'm trying to accomplish regaining my flexibility by doing a series of back stretches, hamstring stretches, and getting back into doing yoga regularly again. After the stretches today my legs feel like pain jelly. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Look forward to some amusing before photos at some point. They will be my motivation to get to the after. X)

2. Crochet something wearable for the cold weather.
I crocheted a hat last year but I want to crochet something like a sweater or leg warmers. Ideally it would be a sweater, but if that's too hard, leg warmers it is!

3. Make a squash soup with my food processor.
I just got a beautiful KitchenAid food processor that I can't wait to use. I want to spin some golden fall vegetables into a warm thick soup before they're gone!

4. Have an awesome birthday.
My birthday is this Friday and I have no idea what I'm going to do for it. As long as I'm around people I love I'll be happy. But good food should be involved. Most definitely. :)

5. Get Christmas items in the shop.
This one has been burdening me all year. I need to get on the season-ahead game because I tend to have a problem thinking about the next season so by the time I come up with ideas for the current one, it's too late start marketing and selling them. I think I'm on track now. I'm not stuck anymore or overly inspired so if get my butt in gear, I can do this.

I'll update on each one of these as I go along but that's a good summary I think.

What are your goals for this month, or even for the end of the year?


  1. happy birthday for friday, i hope your day is lovely :) xo

  2. I absolutely love your photos! Those seem like awesome goals to me! Very inspiring! Hope you have a very happy birthday :) I am powering through finishing my dissertation by mid-December, but you have inspired me to set some creative goals even during this crazy time :)


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