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Friday, November 11, 2011

three deserving blogs

30 Days Hath November

I'm catching up on three days of this today but if you pay attention to anything, please look at day 12. I was actually super excited for this prompt because I immediately had three deserving blogs in my head to list. I list them because they are daily reads of mine yet I'm not sure all of my particular bloggy friends know about them yet. Maybe I'm lame and you do, I'm sorry. But go look at day 12 anyway and humor me. ;)

Day 10. What I love about my job
Technically right now I don't have a job. But I guess you could say my job is being a grad student. I'm also trying to make a job out of my art as well. So what I love about those jobs is a.) learning from some ridiculously amazing people about my future profession, and b.) getting to develop the things I love into something that some other people may love to take into their homes. ;)

Day 11. Something I've been craving
Waffles. Plain and simple. I won't even go into too much detail about this because all I want right now is a waffle slathered in butter. X)

Day 12. Three blogs I can't get enough of
The first blog I ever commented on because I related to it so much was Mrs Priss. The lovely Morgan who writes that blog is a mamma and freaking hilarious lady who will never fail to keep you interested. Whether she's telling you how to make a beautiful yarn wreath or recanting the tale of how she once cried in a grocer's arms, she will never fail to leave you entertained. If you haven't read her blog yet, GO. Immediately.

The next blog I will tell you to read is The Wannabe Country Girl. She already has me wanting to raise chickens but that's not the half of it. Her recipes are to die for and she does exactly what I love.. she has step by step photos of every part of her recipes. That way, you'll know if something doesn't look quite right or if something's not fully blended or you didn't cook it long enough. I cannot stress the importance of pictures when cooking something new. If you're a foodie in training or just looking for a great recipe - go there. Please.

The third blog that I insist you go to is Posie Gets Cozy. If you are not familiar with Alicia, she and her husband have been seeking adoption for over a year. Throughout that year+, she has been flawlessly sewing and knitting clothes for her future daughter and it has been amazing to observe. I once wrote about her in a post and have since had an overwhelming amount of traffic sources from people trying to look up whether she has adopted her baby yet or not. The community support around this woman is amazing and it is clear to see why it exists. She and her husband are both beautiful people and you can't help but be on their side. The due date of their adoptive child was 11/11/11 so many of her readers are now eagerly awaiting an announcement. It's so amazing that you can feel so much for someone you have never meant but my heart and soul goes out to Alicia Paulson and her husband at this amazing time in their lives.

That is all. Have a great weekend!! :)


  1. Eeee! I LOVE finding new wonderful bloggers, so I can't wait to read through your list!

    Also, I've been craving pancakes. Not quite waffles, but on the breakfast food bread path! XD

  2. What a lovely post. I like those questions and your answers...

    I need to think about "What I like about my job?" more!!! I mostly think about what I don't like about it.


  3. what incredible introductions, i can tell how much you appreciate the things you read and see through every word Jess. Alicia's story is heart-melting; the part about her making all those clothes for their child-to-be really gives me pangs of hope for ourselves. the boyf & i have been looking into adoption so that part of this post especially speaks to me, thank you for sharing!

    keep developing your own passions, it lights a fire like no other and you obvs got some great folks fueling it for you too! xoox ♥

  4. Posie Gets Cozy was one of the first blogs I read years ago when I first learned to knit. She always has such beautiful photos and stories. Thanks for the recommendations! I think these are good prompts and it would be good for me to spend time answering these questions!

  5. I've had this marked as unread so I could go back and comment because I read it on the iPad in bed when you posted it and I'm not handy enough to type out a comment on that thing, but then I got busy and never made it back until now! WHEW, run on sentence! Anyway, thank you thank you THANK YOU so much for your sweet words. I think you're just the sweetest, most charming internet friend of mine and I'm so glad you commented on mine because I'm now addicted to your adorable blog! xoxoxo


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