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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

fall reading

Back in September I made a summer reading list post and I decided to keep it going. Each season I'll list the three books I read and give my two-cents on them. One of my 101 in 1001 goals is to read a book a month so this will help me keep track of that. I really need to update that list one day!

During the the fall, I only got to two books because of school reading (and there was plenty of that) so I think I'll take advantage of the upcoming wintery vacation to get an extra book in so I can keep up with my list! I mean, what's better than getting cozy with a blanket, a good book, some hot chocolate, and your guy while he plays video games when it's cold and snowy outside? I can't think of a better scenario. :)

Fall Reading List 2011

1. The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen
Loved this book. It's no wonder it's a New York Times bestseller. I found this book down the shore when Charlie and I dusted off the sand, got a little dressed up, and took a walk around Stone Harbor. I actually loved it during the day. I usually only go at night when it's packed with people, but during the day, the streets were empty. We found the cutest little coffee shop that had a hodge podge of old couches dating back to around the 20's. Definitely a place I will go back to. So we grabbed some iced coffee and headed to the Atlantic Book Store. Sadly, next time we go it won't be there anymore because that branch is shutting down. :(

Anyway, I was determined to find a new book since I had just finished my beach reading and this one caught my eye. The description was everything I look for in a book so I grabbed it. It's all about a girl discovering family secrets that she never could have imagined in a town where magical things seem to happen. And bonus? This book is themed around cake as a sort of magical force so there are three cake recipes in the back taken right from the story! And I intend to make every one. What I love about this book is that it has a little bit of a supernatural quality but in a very believable, not too out there way. Definitely recommend.

2. Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk
This was the second book I read by Palahniuk and it didn't disappoint. I know he has a cult following but if you haven't read his work or at least not this book, definitely pick it up. There weren't as many unexpected twists and turns like there were in Invisible Monsters, but it was still a gripping story. I'm not sure if all of his books are like this, but in the two I've read so far there is this sort repetitive quality that the narrating character has. Every now and then they repeat two lines that pertain to the whole story, changing them only slightly to be more relevant to the particular passage. Sorry if this is confusing but you know what I mean if you read these two books.. I just don't want to give too much away!

This book also has a sort of supernatural quality. I must be into that. ;) It is totally thought provoking, forcing you to imagine a world where sound is feared because one small utterance could cause you to drop dead where you stand. Amazing. Once again, I recommend this book completely. I will be seeking out more Palahniuk books too now that I've thoroughly enjoyed two of them. I have three authors on my radar now that I'm hoping will have multiple hits.

What are you reading lately? Any books on your list for hibernating season?


  1. I absolutely LOVE Chuck Palahniuk. There's something really captivating about how he writes. I've just started getting back to reading more and am on the hunt for some good books so I'll have to give the first one a shot!

  2. I added The Girl Who Chased The Moon onto my book list!!! I really love supernatural stories that aren't downright terrifying or depressing. :P This one sounds more like it's supernatural / fantasy??? Am I right???

  3. Ashley.. Captivating is the perfect word! I can't wait to get another book by him!

    Angie.. Definitely not terrifying or depressing. It leans more towards the realistic side with a little fantasy thrown in for good measure. :) Nothing like a little fantasy to spice up reality!

  4. I've heard lots of great things about 'The Girl Who Chased the Moon.' I'll admit it's been month since I've picked up a book! You've inspired me to go buy this one :)



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